We are going to share with you the best business ideas, less than 1000$ investment. These business ideas are particularly useful for beginners. Because COVID-19 has affected many businesses.

Small Scale Business Ideas:

Let’s start the best business ideas for your future.

Home Textile Products:

Home Textile products are always in great demand. You can target producing Bags, Wiping clothes, Plastic Aprons, Napkins, and other products.

This is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas at a low cost.

Candle Making Ideas:

You can also focus on producing fancy candles having a good aroma. It always has great demands in hotels, birthday parties, and festivals. It is a unique home-based business idea.

The investment required in this business ranging from 200$ to 400$.

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Manufacturing Soap Products / Small Business Ideas:

You can also focus on manufacturing soap on a small scale. In the case of starting this business. You need to know about making and mixing the right ingredients.

This business can be started from home with a low investment of approximately 250$ to 500$.

Juice Production:

Fresh juice is a great way to cool off and ease stress. You can produce fresh juice in different tastes and colours.

Although, there is a huge potential in this business. If you are planning to start this business you have required a huge investment.

Honey Making Business:

Honey making business is related to bee farming. It is one of the best businesses to start with low or medium investment. The demand for honey in the world never ended due to its taste and properties.

Honey making business ideas is very good to start. The Investment required in this business is 250$ to 300$.

Cloth Business / Small Business Ideas:

If you want to make wearable products, then you should go for cloth making.

Cloth making is a small scale business and also started from home. The capital is approximately 200$ to 500$.

Manufacturing of hair Products:

You could make hair products like shampoo or hair oil as a small scale business. Manufacturing of hair products cannot demand high investment too and start from home.

The only thing you need to make sure is that oil has a good fragrance. The investment here is 300$ to 600$.

Sports Equipment Manufacturing Business:

All Sports are very popular among kids as well as elders. So, there are regular demands for sports items.

If You want to sell products on a commercial scale then you can focus on manufacturing sports goods like bats, footballs, basketballs, etc. The investment is very low starting at 700$.

Pen’s Refilling Maker:

This is a simple business idea that can be started at home. Pens are a necessary item that is used in the education field as well as the industrial field and its demand are never ended.

This is the most profitable business to start. The estimated investment to start is 500$ to 1000$.

Manufacturing of Folder Files and Envelopes:

Folder files and Envelopes making is one of the low cost of manufacturing business ideas to start. The demand for folder files and envelopes never ended.

Folder files and Envelopes are widely used in schools, banks, post offices, etc. There are too many ways to make these items.

The business is very profitable and required very low investment. The investment is ranging about 1000$.

Mobile Accessories:

With the increasing awareness of smartphones, the demands of mobile accessories have been increased.

Their sales have increased massively during recent years. Accessories are used to protect and beautify mobile phones.

It is the best manufacturing business idea to start at a low cost ranging from 500$ to 1000$.

Home-Based Cooking:

People who want to be healthy always like to eat home-based cooking. Especially in the time of COVID-19, almost all people prefer home food. Many people who are living far from home will prefer to order home-based food.

That’s why its best business idea with very low investment to prepare food at home and deliver free to nearby places. You can make your cooking passion a useful business.

It can be a highly profitable business idea as I have seen people who have grown their business from home to a hotel or restaurant.

Makeup Artist:

Many people think that makeup business is expensive but it only depends on you. If you want to start it with low investment from your home then it’s up to you.

Because it depends on the cost of the product, as high quality and branded products are costly. But a beginner doesn’t have to invest a big amount.

It’s one of the most important parts of the lives of all women and it will pay off. Nowadays many makeup artists are uploading their videos on the youtube channel and earning online.

Customized Mugs and Shirts:

Nowadays it’s an active trend and thoughts of self-obsession. So its best business idea to cash people’s emotions.

Mobile Parts and Accessories:

In today’s world, every person has a personal mobile phone regardless of the age and class they belong. This business idea can also start from low investment.

Because this field has a vast range of products so it depends on you which important products you will select to start the business.

Used Mobile Sale and Purchase:

To start this business a person must have some experience with mobile phones. Because it’s a risky business as well as profitable.

The person who sells or purchases the mobile phone must have the record of the other person including the photocopy of CNIC and contact number.


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