Ransomware is creating a hype in the social media of its abilities to encrypt your data and afterwards ask for money to retrieve it. But on our end, the business community needs to make sure that we don’t fall prey to Ransomware. Therefore why we will share Ransomware Protection Tips For Your Business.

Ransomware Protection Tips For Your Business:

How can we protect our business from Ransomware?

This question needs to be answered because the information about it so less that the business community is not aware of the menace it’s confronting in the shape of ransomware virus. Ransomware, as Wikipedia says, is

“Ransomware is a type of malicious software that carries out the cryptoviral extortion attack from cryptovirology that blocks access to data to ask for money for ransom removal.”

Therefore Ransomware is dangerous software to encrypt data this is now clear to us.

But how?

Ransomware protection techniques are just pretty basic and a perfect answer to “How to protect my business from Ransomware?”

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How to protect my business from Ransomware?

1. Avoid clicking links that are misspelt or look infectious:

You might have witnessed a social media message that asks you to try and look for new colours?

I am not saying that its Ransomware or not. But the motives behind it are by no means noble.

Ransomware protection starts right from yourself. Don’t ever click on links shared on social media or any other platform that invites you to try a new feature or earn money or call credits.

However remember when we talk about ransomware protection, we must be 100% on guard.

Any malicious or infectious link visiting would make you more prone to an attack and would limit your chances of Ransomware protection.

At this single moment, we believe that someone might be looking for ways or searching about “How to protect me from Ransomware”.

To be frank there is Ransomware protection but not Ransomware cure!

2. Don’t accept payments or orders without confirmation:

Well you might receive an email or a message on social media saying that

“Congratulations you have got 100% off on an item in our stores and 50% discount on all others”


“Check on Big Day’s Deals! We are celebrating our Annual Anniversary”

Say no to these links. Some of them may be legit but Ransomware protection demands that you don’t click on these on any cost because the extent up to which this virus has attacked is still unknown.

3. Avoid Social media Referrals To “Quick Money”:

Everybody wants “Quick Money” Right?

Even I do but the point lies in the fact that set aside your lust for the money nowadays.

You might not get a 100$ but you surely will lose it for being over-ambitious.

And restrict your activity on social media as much as possible and only contact and deal with legit customers.

4. Backup your files:

Backup all the data and files beforehand in some secure server that shouldn’t be used to access the internet.

So when someone comes and threatens to delete your data, You just have to say.

“Buzz off! I have Ransomware protection”

5. Antivirus programs:

Always use antivirus programs and regularly update them to stay on guard. And I would personally recommend Bitdefender. It is highly efficient and reliable when it comes to ransomware protection.

6. Never Pay:

We advise you never to pay these nudes as they will look to target others afterwards. Do all you can do and try to restore files using backups or some Cyber Security.

So I hope that your questions have been answered about Ransomware protection and now you don’t need to google “How to protect my business from Ransomware”
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