No one wants to deal with a data breach, particularly when it involves a sensitive company or employee information. You will know in this article how-to keep data secure in business.

Recent cybersecurity events, like the breaches at Marriott and Equifax, have shown that no organization is completely safe from attack. CEO of all companies must ensure the security of the network every day.

How to Keep Data Secure in Business? Consider these guidance points!

“So Cyber’s no longer a hide-able topic,” RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock has said.

“I speak with major enterprises members who understand and agree to the safety of their assets from attacks.”

Organizations may not be able to hide data breaches if they happen, but there are several things you can do to keep your company’s information secure.

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A system that contains data or network must be protected with reliable and up to date security system. Because any security breach can put a negative impact on your clients and business as well. You must have a full backup of important data.

So you must ensure the safety of your client’s data and information. Because they are the one who invests their money and expects better security from the company.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Company Information Secure:

Read carefully our top five keys for business data security.

1) know where your data is:

Most companies have an internal server for their documents. But many have also started to keep some data in the cloud. It has been estimated that 83 %percent of company data kept in the cloud by 2020. Organizations must be aware of what data is being kept in which location. This is called data-mapping helps a company understand who is handling the information.

2) Keep important data internally:

An organization should have a policy of keeping tight security on its most important information. According to digital security expert Thierry LeVasseur.

“We must keep our important documents on an internal server with up to date security software and password to ensure best security measurements.”

Thierry LeVasseur Also, ensure that emails are encrypted and that all software is updated regularly.

3) Understand your cloud security:

Keeping company documents and information in the cloud can be particularly appealing in the mobile age. It can help keep team members on the same track by being able to share documents and make edits remotely. However, each provider will have its security arrangements. Your IT department should be aware of what is being done in the cloud to keep company information secure.

4) Build a data safe culture:

Organizations should have policies about data use and protection. These can include encouraging employees to turn their screens off if they leave their desks. Not leaving files or information lying around, and even robust shredding requirements. Therefore by demonstrating data security is valued by your company, employees will start to take it more seriously.

5) Have tight control over data access:

One of the best ways that a company can ensure the safety of its information is through password protection and restricted access. While this requires more work by IT staff. Keeping the number of employees who can see the data to a minimum is key. This helps prevent public access to your data and also reduces the opportunity that employees have to steal company information.


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