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In economics The financial expert’s bunch enterprises into four particular market models and structures:

  • pure competition
  • pure monopoly
  • monopolistic competition
  • oligopoly

Price Floor and Its Implication

When law set a base price, it is called Price Floor implications. We can set a price on or above Price floor but not...

Demand Curve

Before we know what demand curve is and the shifting of the demand curve we need to understand demand itself. Demand Curve in economics-Factors that...

What is Price Ceiling

A price ceiling is price control, limiting how high a price can be charged for a product or service. Price under the ceiling is...

Tips for Handling Multiple Currencies

Are you thinking About Doing Business Internationally? Here are the best tips for handling multiple currencies. Keeping up with the volatile exchange rates in a...

Fixed and Variable Costs Definition

To explain fixed and variable costs definition we will Start with the simple definition of fixed cost which states. It is a cost that...

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