8 Ways to earn money from chat GPT in 2023. There’s a lot of hype around artificial intelligence but most people don’t know how to make money with it. So I’m gonna give you the newest best 8 ways to make a ton of money using Ai even if you have no experience and no money.

8 Ways to earn money from chat GPT in 2023:

I’m gonna show you a bunch of tools that nobody’s even talking about yet. You have to push through the skills and that’s how you build a business. let’s jump into the article.

1: Content creator ideas:

I know this one works because people pay content writers every month. Now they do a lot of things and most of their job is handled by Ai.


However, you can help others with their Youtube video ideas with specific title variations. How do those rank tags, and thumbnails handle? People going through that entire process.

Being able to bounce ideas back and forth for all platforms and all of the different companies, social media, there’s a lot of value to that and I know many guys are making a lot of money.

People are paying them thousands of dollars a year to assist with this. And what you can do is use these two major platforms that are Ai.

Based on what can help you do this service number one is vid IQ. If you’re working with a Youtuber in any way, this is a fantastic one.

This helps with title ideas and seeing how they rank, Is it a title that’s gonna rank higher, which means the video will probably do better or lower?

Youtubers want to know those things, they also want to know what keywords are gonna work the best for only bucks.

It’s a great resource and Youtubers don’t want to go spend all their time digging through that, finding what works best. So they have somebody that does it for them right? It’s great.

The second tool you can use is chat Gpt. This is more so for different title variation ideas and different ways to say different things. If we’re trying to write a description for something.

This is a great tool we can use and it’s free at least for now. So as a Youtube creator, it will be massively valuable.

How to earn money with Chat GPT?

Well if you messaged different creators in different industries that you know you could help well.

What you do is send them a very personal message, offer to work for them for free, collaborate bounce ideas around, and help with their content for days after that you can say, hey I need a month or months, Start negotiations on that.

These creators make pretty good money from their content and it’s something that they would want help with if you’re bringing results.

Remember if you ever want to be overpaid for what you’re doing, you’re gonna first have to be underpaid, Most people just aren’t willing to do that.

2: Twitter ghostwriter:

This is cool and I know a lot of people are searching for it because I can’t even find somebody we’ve been searching for for two months. They’re very in demand for good ones.

This is somebody who knows your content, well knows how you speak to your audience and they write all of your tweets for you.

They completely handle the social media and they do all interactions, it removes a ton of time off your plate and you can put out more content.

Because it’s their sole focus now on average Twitter ghostwriters are making about 1000 dollars a month, but there are ones that are making to 3000 dollars, by having multiple clients.

So it just depends on how many tweets you’re sending out, who you’re working with and how much money they’re willing to pay you based on the results that are being delivered. So here are the tools that can help you do this, even if you don’t know anything.


It is really a good resource for tweet hunters. Something we’ve used for a long time on Twitter helps you automate the post, everything like that.


This is a very unique platform. It helps with a lot of different services. But for general writing ideas, copy and build off of content that you already have.

It’s going to help you do that automatically generated through Ai Now how do you get clients for this again? Just like you would with the social media thing. I would reach out with a couple of examples of work in advance.

Here are five tweets examples,

Give them content ideas and over-deliver offers to work for free and say hey I want to get you another, follower this month.

Like, pick a high-performance number that would impress them if you hit it and then go do it.

You’re going to overwork and be underpaid for some time until you land that job. And I would highly recommend a minimum retainer of $10 a month for doing two tweets a day.

That’s the minimum and try to tie yourself to the performance. They are tied to metrics and a business owner.

3: Emails and Copyrighting:

Check this out for email marketing, website copywriting, sales, copywriting, newsletters, ghostwriting and Youtube descriptions which could help with the content creator side of things.

If you land that gig, these are all things you can do using a writer as another great resource to do all of those things.

Anything that has text involved now you might edit it. But it’s gonna do most of the work now.

I know I gave you a long list of services but I highly encourage you to pick one. Remember what they say the riches are in the niches.

So again, this is a great place to start and it could be an excellent side hustle, you know what they say, you gotta think outside the box. So here we go. Language translation.

Did you know that Mr Beast, one of the largest, best, most well-known creators in the world, actually gets more views on his content in other languages than he does on his main channel? That’s in English.

You probably didn’t even know that because you would never get targeted with his content that’s in Spanish or in german but he has a full team of people that goes way beyond.

He has voice actors and people that take his current videos and make them into other languages. They’re able to reach massive amounts of people in different markets. This is made him hundreds of millions of dollars and will make him billions.

However, you can do this on a smaller scale. Let’s pull this back. There are a lot of companies that are looking for video translations.

You can charge a couple of dollars for each video and it’s not that difficult. Here are the tools you would use chat GPT can translate stuff. It’s free, there’s not much support and I don’t think it goes in-depth.

Memo que translator pro:

It’s paid so you get some more support, and some more features but it does cost a little bit of money.

Sister in Transit Pro:

Another tool again cost a little bit of money but you get access to way more things and support. This is something that will help you do this faster.

You don’t have to know the other language you’re doing because ai handles it for you. I think there’s a lot of money to be made there again, you can charge up to 500$ a video depending on what you’re doing through different freelancing sites and reaching out to companies directly that already post a lot of videos.

People are making a lot of money doing this but it’s more so businesses. I think the market share is going to get pulled away from them. And freelancers like you can go in there and start making some money.

How to make money using ChatGPT
How to make money using ChatGPT

5: Graphic design tool Canvas:

It’s a very basic website. It’s entry-level but they’ve quickly grabbed so much market share for everything. Youtubers use it for all their thumbnails.

But they recently launched an Ai feature that allows you to type in what you want and it generates an image.

This creates a massive opportunity for you to say whatever you want to this ai tool, get photos for e-commerce stuff, and get thumbnails or parts of thumbnails.

You can do all this and do it immediately. And no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for content and then wait a week for it to come back.

It’s instant and I think the two biggest opportunities using a tool like this are youtube thumbnails.

Everybody needs e-commerce photos, companies in the e-commerce industry and different brands, in general, spend a lot of money.

People spend dollars, a year on content for physical products. I sell online through my e-commerce companies.

Quick pro tip for you. I would not at all sell these services one by one like one photo at a time you need to do some sort of package or monthly deal so that you can get consistent work that way. It’s worth your time.

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6: E-commerce:

I took a very basic drop shipping store from someone that was not working well. I completely reworked it. Use Ai to write new descriptions, get photos, and do the whole thing.

Ran ads and made money. It’s not that surprising. But the Ai tools didn’t do everything for me. But it helped the process be faster and cheaper.

And it was pretty cool to see the different creative things that Ai could come up with on canvas Ai writer.

All of these are tools you can use and it’s not going to do it all for you. Right. It’s a great side hustle, but it can turn into a main thing pretty quickly.

I think people don’t realize that it’s a massive, massive opportunity to run Facebook and Tiktok ads.

The results are incredible. People might go through that and then they never really do the work and then they wonder why it doesn’t work.

We’ll remember guys, anything that is worth having is not going to come easy. Otherwise, everybody else would have it.

So people are afraid of work and going through challenges, it’s not gonna be easy. And that’s exactly why it’s worth it. None of the things I’m telling you today are get-rich-quick things. They’re gonna be a pain that you’re going to want to quit. It’s just part of it.

7: Ai-generated people:

Well if you’re a business, you have liability exposure from anybody that you paid to run ads to, if you didn’t get proper documentation, you didn’t get a contract side.

So when people pay for videos, they are technically open to a liability lawsuit from marketing.

So somebody could sue you, Maybe they didn’t tell you that they weren’t and then there are minor safety laws when it comes to mass media marketing. That could be a problem.

It’s usually not, but it could be so saving yourself from liability exposure and also getting more content.

This would be cool for businesses that want to promote a product. They need to hire actors. But this tool called generated photos, does it for you immediately and the people aren’t real, Right?

So it generates people for you unique looking individuals immediately and you can then go use that in your marketing. So you don’t have to worry about paying people.

You don’t have to worry about liability issues or any of that. And remember companies spend a lot of money, This isn’t for a person, this is for a business that you could go use this tool.

You wouldn’t want to go to an individual. But like you come to an e-commerce company, it spends a lot of money on ads and hiring people.

If you can save them money, do it better faster, easier or whatever. They’re gonna pay for that. There’s a budget allocated for that.

So just go reach out to companies to do the work. It’s gonna be difficult. You’re gonna be able to make some amount of money, there’s opportunity everywhere if you choose to see it.

But remember you have to seek out the opportunity because it will not just come and find you.

8: Affiliate links:

People are gonna sign up through the link. And you would make money from that and it would be subscription-based income because all of these tools that cost money are monthly.

They’re not one-time. So you sell to the internet users one time, but they might use it for two years. You will get paid every month.

This is how you can start building a really good income. So this is gonna sound scary to some people, but it’s so easy to do.

Right now, talking about artificial intelligence, the ways it can impact business individuals, and all of that.

And showing the tools, you can go viral on Youtube and primarily Tiktok very easily showing this and then promoting a tool, You don’t have to sell anything.

You’re just sharing the tool link. It’s not yours. People don’t realize that. And you’re gonna be able to make money.

Yes, that’s gonna require you, It’s going to require your face. Maybe there’s a way for Ai to automate that.

Nonetheless, you’re gonna put yourself out there, you gotta learn how to go viral on social media.

That’s, you gotta manage your brand. But you’re gonna be able to create content consistently now if you want to do this one, which is super powerful, you have to start today.

I highly recommend you post your first video today, people. I don’t have a thing and I don’t have a good handle on, my username.

But what stops, You need to do it now. You need to start immediately and you’re gonna do research and learn along the way.

But don’t just let some of, you know, absolutely ridiculous excuses stop you from starting one of my all-time favourite quotes change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

A lot of people are stuck in a situation. Maybe it’s paycheck to paycheck where it’s something financial, or maybe it’s some bad situation emotionally.

They can’t get out of whatever you need to see progress in your life. You want to grow. You need to do better.

It’s, it would be selfish not to because there are people that need help, their schools, there are charities that need help and probably you and your family that need help.

So you gotta find a way to break out of that. You definitely can’t make an excuse like, oh, but I don’t want to be on camera. How selfish of you to think that right? Because if you don’t have resources yet, you need to do everything you can to get them. Follow us on social media.

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