Watch the Airplane video goes viral – Girl Films herself inside an Airplane Lavatory. Supermodel Ava Louise trending by hitting herself on the toilet of an aeroplane seat.

  • “Please RT this so people will be more aware of the cleanliness of the plane.”
  • “The only thing that upsets people is some hot, rich, blonde 20-year-old girl licking the toilet”

A strong girl filmed himself licking the seat in the plane’s toilet as a challenge. Read this article to learn more about the viral airplane video.

Watch Airplane video goes viral – Girl Films herself inside an Airplane Lavatory:

Ava Louise appeared on “Dr. Phil” and has 19,000 TikTok followers and 150,000 Instagram followers.


She posted the video on her Twitter account on March 14. “Please RT this so people will be more aware of cleaning on planes,”

One person replied to her,

saying, “Love” and “sweat” emojis.

Another said,

People are disgusted that she would think this and do such a thing.

The third one said,

“White people again,”

and the other replied,


Airplane video goes viral:

A day later, Louise confirmed that she had started trending “with strength” and that her actions were not as bad as “eating a man”.

Louise also began raising awareness about social issues. “It’s great that you’re all on my page right now; racism is bad,”

She wrote on Twitter.

“Homos3xual!ty is good. Transphobia is more than anger. Have a nice day.”

“Strangers bother me.” “The only thing that upsets people is that a beautiful, blond girl, aged 20-30, licks the toilet.”

Watch the Asian Doll Video

She said that,

in general, her photographs created the desired effect.

She also said,

“I wish I had been more careful, but this is GOOD.” ‘I memorized it too. Now I’m like world news. My mom said she was proud of me for fueling the epidemic with my Fendi sunglasses… Service.”

This video also helped popularize the song “Skinny Legend Anthem”, which TikTok megastars like Chase Hudson (lilhuddy) used in their videos.

In swabs, large amounts of bacteria and mould spores were detected on the plane, bed headboard, seat belt, tray table and bathroom door.

There is more to do during the exam than in the bathroom, and the toilet seats could be cleaner. This doesn’t mean you have to go around everything. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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