Video Of The 5 Young People who Disappeared in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco Mexico. The fate of the five young men who disappeared in Jalisco is still unknown, although unofficially there is still talk of their death.

Well, in another municipality in Encarnación for days, also in Jalisco, four young women have been missing for 20 days and in Poza Rica in Veracruz.

The authorities have not only identified the remains of the people found dismembered and packed in refrigerators.


But they have not even finished estimating how many corpses they have in their possession, how many are dead, there are six detainees in this case.

Video Of The 5 Young People who disappeared in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco Mexico

That’s how things are there in Veracruz, but I would like to focus on what is happening with the disappearances and what we were commenting on here.

In this case, yesterday and that we have commented on in others, what is happening at the bottom of these cases is that we do not know.

What happened we don’t know who is participating today it was announced that in Poza Rica they have mobilized.

If I’m not mistaken, there are 1,500 members of the national guard army, but the problem in Poza Rica has been dragging on for weeks.

Today members of the national guard and the Army Mexican are not going to solve a conflict that is much deeper and that has a lot to do with the territorial control of that entire area.

The hours pass and the search continues for the five young people reported missing Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo Uriel Galván González Dante Cedillo Hernández Roberto Carlos Olmeda Cuellar and Jaime Adolfo Martínez Miranda last night, August 11.

Contact with them was lost when they returned from the Lagos 2023 fair in the Lagos de Moreno Jalisco municipality on August 14.

Parents identify on video the 5 young people who disappeared in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

Anonymously, the relatives were given a photo and video of these young people allegedly appearing handcuffed on their knees and with several blows in the face.

This caused despair in relatives and they are asking for the prosecution the relatives are inside the prosecution outside there is too much tension.

The prosecution spoke about this issue and assured us that both the video and the image have already been incorporated into the investigation folder.

In a manner preliminary that they consider that there is a high probability that the young people who appear in the photograph are their relatives.

Notwithstanding this consideration, we are going to continue working on their search and location for the afternoon of this Tuesday.

The authorities announced that they secured a property where It is presumed that the boys were there, they found drugs, cell weapons and stolen vehicle license plates, they also located another car in which the women were travelling.

The vehicle that is located in the early morning of today meets the characteristics of another of the vehicles of the victims.

One of the victims in fact in the place a plate is located that matches the series that we have identified and previously reported by the next of kin and this information is in the folder that coincides with the data and characteristics of the vehicle.

Abound that some remains were found inside the vehicle that is presumed to be human. They also indicated that the evidence points to the participation of a criminal group.

So they will ask that the case be brought by the attorney general of the republic, but this is not the only case of missing persons in Jalisco on July 27.

They reported that Three sisters and their friend have not been located, they are Adriana Marcela and Rosa Olivia Saucedo Cermeño, 22, 28, and 25 years old.

In addition to Beatriz Hernández Martínez, 24, this Monday the version was given that their bodies were located after the discovery of five bodies in Zacatecas.

Their relatives are still looking for these women who were last seen in Encarnación de Jalisco and where they originated.

Although they resided in Aguascalientes, there has been no communication between the girls and relatives or with authorities.

At the moment, it seems not. It was confirmed that he could make a violent issue, but given the possible presumption of this, the method of approach changes.

Todo indica que les quitaron la vida a los cinco jóvenes desaparecidos en Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco:

5 Young People who Disappeared in Lagos de Moreno

While in Poza Rica, Veracruz, the review continues in the two houses, the authorities reiterated that there are 13 bodies that were packed and frozen.

And they were already transferred to the forensic services in Nogales, he denied that there were 34 bodies as reported at the beginning and confirmed the arrest of six people.

So it is not possible to speak at this time of a specific number, however, it can be clarified that It is not about the four in the first indications collected.

Video de los 5 jovenes de lagos de moreno jalisco

Unfortunately, there could be more than 13 bodies with the probability that there are others in the process of identification.

For now, the director of the Municipal Police was separated from his position and the municipality has been shielded by operatives of federal and State security elements.

While Governor Cuitláhuac García reiterated that it was a dispute between criminal groups due to the way in which the victims were located, specialists do not rule out that a possible line of investigation is an organ trafficking network. Follow us on Facebook. We will update this post after getting more updates. Thanks

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