Canadian rapper and singer Drake Video showing off his flesh has issued a response after he went viral across X or Twitter due to a viral video apparently of him now on Tuesday the 6th of February.

An expl!cit viral video allegedly featuring the Grammy-winning artist TR prompted a volume of memes after it began circulating online.

Canadian rapper and singer Drake Video showing off his flesh

The video titled “Drake viral video” which allegedly showed the singer filming himself while performing a lived act has gone viral leading drag to trend on X formerly known as Twitter/


Due to the expl!cit nature of the video we will refrain from posting it here however it’s important to note that I cannot confirm that the person in this video is indeed the singer as the face is mostly covered by the cell phone used to record the video.

And now Drake was instantly the most trending name on x as fans were both shocked and confused by what they had seen with the ladies mostly intrigued by the video.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross decided to reach out to Drake whom he has interacted with before to get his thoughts after adding all of Drake’s good luck and now adding that he has a missile.

Drake quickly responded he texted me he put eight laughing emojis Adin said.

Drake then apparently added that add’s voice note might be the next album intro oh my God no wait can I see please can I get the link thank you hold on one sec I’m going to send him a voice member one second yeah bro I’m still live bro we was just looking at the [ __ ] it’s like crazy bro like God damn you’re blessed with your voice you’re blessed with performing you’re blessed to be you’re blessed to be number one but you’re also blessed to have a [ __ ] missile.

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I said it bro we just saw I swear to God we just saw a goat’s d*ck is it wait that’s on his jet yeah he is real but it is still unknown who the video was as it was shared so rapidly from many accounts.

It has been speculated that the video took place on Drake’s private plane due to audio from the clip.

At the moment Twitter is going crazy with people sharing their mixed reactions because it does not normally see direct trending on Twitter.

And then it’s not about his music but rather something else like what we have witnessed today.

Guys, what do you think about this story and what’s your comment do you think that the person in the expl!cit video is Drake himself or it’s just someone trying to destroy his brand? Leave your comment down below I’ll be sure to check them out.

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