On 22 January 2022, a page named SANTOSOGERIO appeared on Twitter trend after sharing a weird Maggot video on his Twitter account. Which is also trending on Facebook, Reddit and TikTok.

Santosogerio Twitter video – Girl with maggots – Santosogerio Video on Facebook, Reddit and TikTok Explained:

People are still curious to know more about the video and search for every possible detail about it. Read this article because I will explain to you, why is it trending.

The video was reposted on Twitter by @Santosogerio as it was originally posted on TikTok by a model Ariella Nyssa. She is a 25-year-old beautiful model and has more than 2 million followers on her social media accounts.


Who is Ariella Nyssa?

Ariella joined the famous App Tik Tok last year in 2021 and after sharing her fitness videos she became a web sensation in no time. She also posted her weight loss videos in which she motivated her female fans how to lose weight by five times training a week.

Many female fans inspired by her followed her instructions and also reposted her stuff on the internet. Which also gave her away to trend in no time. Even though she was literally depressed by her breakup.

She worked really hard to achieve this kind of success. She posted thousands of videos.

Who Is Santosogerio? Why Santosogerio Video and Picture is Trending? Wikipedia, Biography, Age and Instagram:

A Twitter account Santosogerio become famous within a few hours after posting the disgusting and awkward video. It can be seen clearly in the private couple video that maggots coming out of the girl v**g**a. The couple is yet unidentified.

Although Twitter has removed the video from all the possible accounts. But still, everyone on the internet is talking about the SANTOSOGERIO maggot video.

But still, there are a few accounts, that are posting this video to get fam. We would definitely not recommend you to watch this video and of the possible report such kind of weird video. As this is a really offending action.

Santosogerio Twitter video of Maggots – Santosogerio Viral Video On Twitter and Facebook:

The same maggot video was shared by another Twitter user handler Tmzbaltimore who is also trending for posting Shamar and Larry videos.

And now Santosogerio and tmzbaltimore both are trending for posting the same weird video.

Who is SANTOSOGERIO on Twitter?

The @SANTOSOGERIO Twitter page was created in October 2020. His record title is Rogerio Santos. He has posted only 8 tweets on his Twitter account so far. The Twitter web page has 12.6k followers within 6 hours but it seems numbers are increasing. He has not followed any accounts.

Santosogerio twitter

Who is tmzbaltimore on Twitter?

The @tmzbaltimore Twitter page was created in October 2020. His record title is Tmzbaltimore. He has posted 465 tweets on his Twitter account so far. The Twitter web page has 10.7k followers within a few hours but it seems numbers are increasing. He has followed 103 accounts.

tmzbaltimore twitter
tmzbaltimore twitter

What is Maggot?

According to Wikipedia, A maggot is the larva of a fly; it is applied in particular to the larvae of Brachycera flies, such as houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies, rather than larvae of the Nematocera, such as mosquitoes and crane flies.

A 2012 study estimated the population of maggots in North America to be in excess of 3×10¹⁷.

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Watch Santosogerio Twitter video-  maggot video tiktok:

The followers and supporters of the model are highly demanding that the Twitter account must be expelled from the platform. As people regret after watching such videos.

If you are still curious watch the video. Even then we would not Recommend watching this Video Link.

Twitter users Regret Rogerio Santos Twitter video- Maggot on twitter:

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