Hello friends another awkward video of Sip and Paint trending on Twitter, and people were bashing once that video was seen. As we all know Twitter is the place for all of the wackiness.

Watch Sip and Paint Twitter Video – Why Paint and Stroke Video is Trending?

But a lot of people still don’t stop searching for what happened. During a Sip and Paint, a woman ended up getting “close” with one of the male models, and they shared a private thing that must not be done in front of people.

People are trying to figure out if this was actually real. A lot of people do things for internet hype and those tricks seemed like it.


Now, Sip and Paint is the place where the action was experienced. In the video, we can see that other ladies were enjoying this event.

What is Sip and Paint Party?

On Sip and Pant normally, people drink wine, while they paint. Usually, there are models for them to paint. This particular Sip and Paint had male models, who went unclothed.

One woman got very into the entire process. She went from sipping on wine to sipping on something else.

It was a hilarious moment for other women sitting near them but they were also enjoying this activity.

The male model stood in front of her and let her do what she wanted to do. On Twitter, the video went viral, and the fans have been left speechless, but not at a loss for words.

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Watch Paint and Sip Video:

Even it’s not a usual video but if you are still curious to watch the paint and sip party video then Follow This Link. (Warning: NSFW Content)

Twitter Users Reaction on Sip and Stroke Video:


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