An Apple employee published photos of the young girl from her iPhone, while the company fired the employee and paid damages to the girl.

Apple Published Photos Of A Young Girl From iPhone | Apple Now Paying Her Millions Of Dollars:

A 21-year-old student from Oregon, California, gave her mobile phone to Apple for repairs after a minor malfunction in her iPhone, but a few days later the girl’s classmate told her, “Share your 10 nude photos from your Facebook profile.” Have happened.

Apple settles case for millions after repair technicians posted a woman’s nude photos

— WWJ 950 (@WWJ950) June 8, 2021

According to the 21-year-old student: I immediately deleted the photos, but by then several people had saved them, so I went to court against Apple, but the company contacted the woman’s lawyer to compensate them The matter was settled out of court.


According to the report, the details of the compensation paid to the girl by ‘Apple’ could not be revealed, however, the girl’s lawyer demanded $5 million.

According to a company spokesperson, the girl’s feelings were hurt, and we compensated her by firing her.

“We care about the privacy of our customers and protecting their data is our top priority,” he said.

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