This is the #Oakland TN police arrest of black man Brandon Calloway for allegedly FAILING TO STOP AT A STOP SIGN and DRIVING 32 mph in a 20 mph zone while delivering for
@DoorDash (who won’t comment #BoycottDoorDash).

Black man Brandon Calloway Allegedly beaten by Oakland Tennessee Police alleged Traffic violation:

WATCH: Black 25yo Brandon Calloway story:

“I’ve always had fear because of what’s happened to others like me.”

CNN picks up the story we posted about — OAKLAND, TN cops kicking in unarmed, Black 25yo Brandon Calloway’s door and beating him bloody for allegedly not stopping at a stop sign.


Watch the original Brandon Calloway video:

You may watch the original Brandon Calloway video by following this link(Warning: NSFW content)

VIDEO: Cops Chase Brandon Calloway Into His Home And Brutally Beat Him Over Alleged Traffic Violation: Tennessee police were caught on video brutally beating a young black man in his own home over an alleged traffic violation.

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