Bugskilledyou your Twitter client is viral on TikTok and the user needs to find out about the recordings he posted on Twitter. Bugskilledyou Twitter videos – Bugskilledyou Twitter – Twitter user Explored.

Bugskilledyou Twitter videos – Bugskilledyou Twitter – Twitter user Explored:

According to the details, on August 11, 2021, a few TikTok recordings showed up on social media platforms recommending viewers to search for the recordings shared by the Twitter client “Bugskilledyou”.

You can watch all of the “Bugskilledyou Twitter videos” here.


“Bugskilledyou Twitter” trending after a Twitter account, Bugs, Twitter handle “@Bugskilledyou” shared a few crazy recordings.


With the showcase name “Bugs” and username “Bugskilledyou” is an infamous Twitter page with just 1803 supporters. Notwithstanding, the recordings, posted by him, are getting a ton of views.

One of the videos shared by Bugskilledyou shows a Karen (An selfish lady) pursuing a cop and frightening him away by showing her palm. The cop continues to withdraw until he lost his tolerance and he utilizes a taser on her.

Karen chases cop and gets tazed pic.twitter.com/K2DqHeUQID

— Bugs (@BugsKilledYou) August 12, 2021

The subtitle of the video examines: “Karen pursues cop and gets taxed.”

Watch the video, underneath.

Another video of Bugskilledyou Twitter page shows two young girls quarreling in a recreation centre. Watch The second video of Bugskilledyou on his Twitter page.

Was she smiling? pic.twitter.com/SpAGw7RlOk

— Bugs (@BugsKilledYou) August 11, 2021

In another video with subtitles “Try it bitch *sprays*” girls are fighting and using spray-on other girls.

Try it bitch *sprays* pic.twitter.com/lgZALrvEy0

— Bugs (@BugsKilledYou) August 11, 2021

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