Glen Waverley football club player video has been viral all over the internet. Netizens are searching for the alleged video. Melbourne football club apologises after video surfaces of players performing s*x act in public.

Wife leaves Australian footballer who was Performing S*x Act on a teammate in a crowded bar after losing bet.

Glen Waverley Football Club Video Unedited – Australian Rules Football Players Video:

A Glen Waverley Football Club player exposes his genitals while another player performs a s*x act on him with the unedited video viral.


A spokesperson said in the statement,

As well as the physical and emotional impact on the families involved, the club. members, players and the wider community.

Glen Waverley is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Monash local government area. Glen Waverley recorded a population of 42,642 in the 2021 census. Footballers saw shocking, public s*x acts during the Mad Monday celebrations.

Australian Rules Football Players Who Had Oral S*x at Bar

The individuals involved, along with the wider sporting group, will be both disciplined and if necessary, counselled on the type of conduct expected by our club members.

Australian Rules Football players have faced disciplinary action after his video of S*x act in a Bar went viral.

The video has been removed from different social media accounts. But still, people sharing the alleged video who have downloaded it to their devices.


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