Huawei OS, Following the ban on the use of Android mobile operating systems in the United States, Chinese technology company Huawei has decided to launch a new mobile operating system to give a new colour to its reputation and business life.

Huawei Has Said Goodbye To The Android Operating System, Harmony OS:

Mobile phones equipped with the operating system will be on display at an online event.

Huawei has been in the world of technology since former US President Donald Trump launched a campaign to thwart Huawei’s global goals. After that Huawei focus was on the new operating system.

Washington says China was using Huawei for spying and Washington called it a cyber threat.

Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS system still lead the world in the race for operating systems. And no company (including BlackBerry, Microsoft and Amazon) has been able to compete so far.


According to experts, it will be very difficult for Huawei to break this monopoly of Google and Apple.

Huawei entered the world of mobile phones in 2003 and chose the Android operating system in smartphones. Huawei is the world’s third-largest mobile phone maker after Samsung and Apple.

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The future of Huawei’s mobile business was called into question after the US sanctions. Without being part of the Android system, Huawei users will have difficulty accessing Google’s services and will have to create alternative applications.

But there is no shortage of app developers in the Chinese market, and China already has more applications than Google.

Huawei has a significant presence in China’s domestic market and already has applications for Chinese consumers. Are available in the market.

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