Memphis Sh0oting Suspect Ezekiel Kelly Facebook Livestream. The man who live-streamed himself carrying out a mass sh0oting spree in Memphis yesterday, allegedly k!lling four and injuring three, smiled as he was arrested and booked into jail. Ezekiel Kelly has a violent criminal history but was given an early release from prison this year.

Officials arrested 19-year-old Memphis Sh0oting Suspect Ezekiel Kelly Facebook Livestream Video:

Officials arrested 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly, who allegedly live-streamed his sh0oting spree on Facebook.

Police said at least three people were k!lled as a result of the sh0oting with others taken to hospital with their injuries.


Multiple sh0otings were reported in Memphis in the US on Wednesday evening by a 19-year-old black suspect who recorded his actions on the Facebook live stream.

You may watch the original Sh0oting video here

The guy currently driving around sh0oting random people in Memphis was convicted of attempted m#rder in 2020 and yet was back on the street within two years. Democrat crime policies are wreaking havoc and getting countless people k!lled. Enough is enough.

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