The picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan son Suleiman Khan using the Uber service went viral on social media. Keep reading and we will explain to you PM Imran Khan’s Son Suleman Khan Using Uber Video Viral.

PM Imran Khan Son Suleman Khan Using Uber Video Viral:

According to details, when Prime Minister Imran Khan’s son Suleiman Khan travelled in the taxi service Uber, the driver took a picture with him and uploaded it on social media.

The driver said that at first, he did not believe that the son of a currently Prime Minister was using the Uber service.


Then, with Suleman’s permission, he took a picture with him. The driver asked Suleiman Khan,

“Are you travelling on Uber as the son of the Prime Minister?”

To this Suleiman Khan replied that I often travel to Ober.

The driver said Suleiman was a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone. He behaves like an ordinary person.

The driver added that if he had been replaced by Hamza Shahbaz or Bilawal Bhutto, they would have been travelling in an expensive vehicle at the expense of the Pakistan High Commission.

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PM Imran Khan’s Son Suleman Khan Using Uber Video Viral:

What was the conversation of PM Imran Khan’s son with the driver of Ober taxi in London? You too will be pleasantly surprised to know. What does Imran Khan’s Son do?

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