Turkey Earthquake Today CCTV Footage shocked the world. Tonight in Turkey buildings, still falling as the heartbreaking death toll, sadly keeps Raising fear. Now more aftershocks. Captured today’s building crashing down on live television is that the people started to run.

Turkey Earthquake Today CCTV Footage – Turkey and Syria Earthquake:

later finding a family that somehow made it out alive and they totally got that quick-hitting 12 hours after the first earthquake overnight a magnitude 7.8 captured on security cameras, Brewing down buildings in an instant.

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One woman was crying,

It was my grandson is 18 months old. Please help my family. She begged the singer, missing relatives, who had been on the 12th floor.

When Rescuers are combing through Rubble when another building collapses nearby. Tonight, Rescuers were racing to find survivors, still trapped, none of them. The Quake hit along the turkey-syria border.

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