Soldiers stationed at US military bases in various European countries have mistakenly revealed the whereabouts of their nuclear weapons.

US Soldiers mistakenly reveal secrets about their nuclear weapons sites:

According to Mail Online, the mistake was made by the troops stationed at the US military bases in European countries where the US has nuclear weapons.

The military continues to use “flashcards” applications to memorize details of nuclear weapons systems.


Little did they realize that the flashcards contained highly classified information that had become available online and could be viewed by anyone.

However, the flashcards studied by soldiers tasked with guarding these devices reveal not just the bases but also information on which base’s vaults contained nuclear weapons and which vaults were empty.

In addition to nuclear weapons, information about security cameras at these military bases, various types of passwords and other security procedures were also available on these cards. Could be According to the report.

The US military used most of these flashcards until 2013, but some cards are dated April 2021.

These flashcards have started to be deleted from the internet and now they have been completely deleted.

While European governments generally refuse to confirm or deny the specific locations of US nuclear weapons.

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