One of the most famous social media stars and YouTuber Murad Merali Feet video has gotten huge attention from online users. Murad Merali is a clinical psychologist, cognitive neuroscientist, property investor and YouTuber from London.

YouTuber Murad Merali is under fire this week after a number of old posts resurfaced and went viral on Twitter.

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Who is Murad Merali?

Murad Merali is a 26-year-old podcast host and YouTuber who is known for producing consistent and opinionated pieces on Love Island.

Although he shares videos and podcasts about current news topics, most of his channel is dedicated to the British reality TV show Love Island. He was born and raised in England. Murad has a pet gray cat. He has over 300K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Murad Merali is an English social media star who has gained recognition for his ‘Murad Merali’ named YouTube channel. He is best recognized for uploading different podcasts.

Throughout Love Island’s most recent season, he shared daily videos on what was going on in the show and even carried out interviews with some of the cast members.

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Murad Merali Instagram:

Murad Merali has over 69k followers on his Instagram and he is following 998 people. He has posted 856 videos and photos until now.


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Watch the Original Murad Merali Feet Twitter Videos:

If you are curious to watch the original Murad Merali Twitter video then you may follow this link. (Warning: NSFW content)

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