Samsung Electronics has demonstrated the next-generation mobile communication technology “6G Terahertz” prototype, which is likely to be up to 50 times faster than the current 5G technology.

Developed 50 Times Faster Than 5G | 6G Technology:

The demonstration was organized by a joint team of Samsung Electronics and the University of California, Santa Barbara at the World Telecommunication Conference. Before moving on, let’s say that the speed of mobile data transfer in FiveG technology ranges from 40 Mbps (megabits per second) to 1,100 Mbps while the average speed can be around 200 Mbps.

In contrast, data transfer speeds for 6G technology range from 1,101 Mbps to one terabit per second (one million Mbps). In addition, 6G mobile communication uses radio waves from the terahertz spectrum with frequencies ranging from 100 GHz to 10 terahertz.


The prototype also includes hardware that will provide the basis for 6G mobile communication technology.

Demonstrating a 6G Terahertz wireless (mobile) technology prototype, the data was transmitted at a speed of 6.2 gigabits per second (6200 Mbps) using a 140 GHz digital wireless link. This means that at this speed, as much data as a normal DVD can be transferred in just one to two seconds.

Samsung says the data transfer speed from the 6G technology will be up to 50 times faster than the 5G, while its average speed will be 10 times faster than the 5G.

The current prototype includes experimental but short hardware that is expected to lay the groundwork for 6G mobile communication technology to be used worldwide by 2030.

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