Microsoft Windows 11, the maker of the computer operating system Windows, has announced the introduction of new Windows.

The new Windows might be called Windows 11. The company has announced that it will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025.

Microsoft Announces The Launch Of The New Operating System – Windows 11 | When Will Windows 10 End?

Microsoft has announced the End of Life (EOL) for Windows 10 Home and Pro on its website. This means that support, updates and security for Windows 10 will be phased out from October 14, 2025.


Microsoft will launch the new operating system at an event on June 24.

When a company announces an end of life (EOL) for an operating system, it means that the operating system will be dead after the due date. One of the purposes of this announcement is to move users to the new operating system.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced what the new Windows operating system will be called, but the company has hinted that it could be Windows 11.

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