Ariel Fulmer’s husband Ned Fulmer Cheating Video with his employee Alexandria Herring. The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer is receiving immense backlash on social media after a Reddit user claimed that he cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmer.

Ariel Fulmer’s husband Ned Fulmer Cheating Video with his employee Alexandria Herring:

So Ned Fulmer from “The Try Guys” built his personality around loving his wife “Ariel Fulmer” but he was seen making out with his employee “Alexandria Herring” in New York.

Alex’s fiance has Unfollowed her also some of their coworkers have Unfloowed both of them from social media and Ned also missing from Videos and Promos.


Who is Ned FLumer:

Ned Fulmer is an Executive Producer and Partner at 2nd Try, LLC. He co-created 2nd Try’s flagship brand “The Try Guys,” which has rapidly accrued over 3M subscribers in 6 weeks and has over 1.5 billion lifetime video views. Before founding 2nd Try, Fulmer was an early BuzzFeed video staffer.

Who is Alexandria Herring?

Alexandria Herring is a Los Angeles native who graduated from the University of Hawai’i with a degree in communications and anthropology.

Who is Ariel Fulmer?

Ariel Fulmer (née VandeVoorde) is the wife of the Try Guy Ned Fulmer. Ariel has appeared in a few of the Try Guys videos, Try Wives segments, Try Moms segments, and the “You Can Sit With Us” Podcast.

The Try Guys:

The Try Guys is an American YouTube channel. The channel features four guys Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang and includes several different series.

The group created The Try Guys while working for BuzzFeed and subsequently separated themselves from the internet media company in 2018. They have since expanded their company and now have multiple employees.

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