Grootman and Gcinile Tape on X became a viral sensation overnight. The story of Gcinile Twala and Themba ‘“Grootman” Selahle has gained traction, sparking debate about revenge p*rn after their tape was viral.

Gcinile Twala and her estranged baby daddy, Themba Selahle, popularly known as Grootman, were giving couple goals on social media until their separation.

The viral video featuring Gcinile Twala and Grootman has taken Twitter by storm, becoming a viral sensation overnight.


Grootman and Gcinile Tape X became a viral sensation overnight:

Social media woke up on Monday morning to a video showing Grootman in a very compromising situation.

In the video a man whose face was not shown only his private parts and of course people are saying that it is Gcinile’s ex-boyfriend Kman.

Gcinile and Grootman x
Gcinile and Grootman x

Grootman has been trying to viral tapes for a while, shutting down the internet again everywhere.

A week ago he approached the instigators on X to help him release the videos so the message goes like this,

hello bro I have tapes of a silly influencer girl that lives a fake life TWA that I want you to viral as a Mother’s Day gift or you can share them through crease get back to me if you’re interested.

The response to Grootman’s message was,

I will go to jail, I don’t post.

So he has been trying to do this thing and looking for somebody that can do the dirty job on his behalf.

Men regardless of the circumstances should never stoop so long as to exp*se a woman’s intern@te videos or photos.

There is simply no justification for betraying someone’s trust by sharing private moments with others.

When a woman shares such personal images or videos with you foolish as it may seem at the time it shows the level of trust at that moment it should remain private for your eyes only and should be deleted once the moment has passed.

Gcinile Twala and Themba ‘Grootman Selahle Viral Video:

Revealing such int!mate moments says a great deal about your character if you cannot keep private matters confidential how can others trust you in different aspects of life?

But his behaviour is very concerning now many are demanding that Grootman be arrested for sharing the video.

People are angry and want Justice Grootman to be very dangerous. How much he hates her in every post.


He hates her so badly that he showed the world City he is the scum of the earth and somebody researched and said South African law about sharing.

And the result is if the victim can’t be identified in the content the perpetrator could face 2 years in jail or pay a fine of up to 150,000.

However, if the victim can be identified in any way the perpetrator could spend 4 years in prison or pay up to 3,000.

It’s deeply shameful and unacceptable to embarrass the mother of your child in such a manner exposing a private moment or personal information can have a long-lasting and damaging effect on well-being.

Respect and consideration should always be upheld especially when it comes to the mother of your own child.

I understand that the breakup was not good but as for me, I was really happy that they broke up because the embarrassment that lady was going through all the time was not fair.

Because this guy would cheat would just wake up and say he has got two girlfriends and life has to move on.


Has to accept that if he wrongs her he buys her a Gucci and everything else has been forgotten but it is very concerning and disrespectful that people are focusing on the size of her private parts.

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Especially considering that she has given birth pregnancy and childbirth bring physical changes to a woman’s body and it is important to approach these discussions with sensitivity and understanding.

Engaging in such conversation in a derogatory manner is not only inappropriate but also undermines the real experiences and challenges faced by women during and after birth.

Lesson from this Situation:

An important lesson to learn from this situation is that when you are in a relationship and decide to take videos of each other during int!mate moments.

You must also know that there are chances of them being viral when things go sour once recorded these videos can have the potential to be shared without permission.

It’s important to communicate openly set boundaries and prioritize respect. If you guys decide to do such things I feel like as soon as you are done and if you have recorded please delete it.

On the other side, Gcinile doesn’t care but the fact that her private moments and her int!mate moments were shared online and everybody is seeing it is actually not nice.

But anyway that’s all that we have for now please do leave your comments down below and let me know what you guys think about this whole situation. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get more updates.

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