Iran President Ebrahim Raisi helicopter crashes in Mountains in Varzaqan region. Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmed Waidi has confirmed that a helicopter carrying the president made a hard Landing in Jula nearly 600 km away from Tan in East Aaban.

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi helicopter crashes in Mountains in Varzaqan region:

Breaking news a helicopter carrying Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi made a hard Landing in Jula on Sunday.

According to press TV, there were three helicopters in this Convoy two of which were carrying ministers and officials and they arrived at their destination safely.


Authorities said bad weather conditions have made it difficult for rescue teams from the Iranian Red Cross Society to reach the area where the incident happened.

Drone units are also assisting with the emergency operation in the area early on May 19 to inaugurate a dam with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev.

The Associated Press reported the dam is the third one that the two Nations built on the Aras River.

The visit came despite chilly relations between the two Nations including over a gun attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tan in 2023 and Aaban diplomatic relations with Israel which Iran’s theocracy views as its main enemy in the region.

Iran helicopter accident live news: President Raisi, FM on missing aircraft:

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter ‘crashes upon landing’ in Varzaqan region:

Raisi had been at the Azerbaijani border on Sunday to inaugurate the Qiz-Qalasi Dam, a joint project. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, who said he had bid a “friendly farewell” to Raisi earlier in the day, offered assistance in the rescue.

President Raisi Iranian president helicopter crashes in Mountains:

The accident occurred as Raisi and Amir Abdollahian were returning from a ceremony for an opening of a dam on Iran’s border with Azerbaijan, IRNA reported.

Three rescue workers searching for the crashed helicopter have gone missing, a Red Crescent spokesperson says.

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The search teams are close to where the helicopter may have crashed, the spokesperson adds.

They say that the search operation will slow down as the weather is expected to get “severely cold” soon, with more rain on the way. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

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