Watch Tyron Woodley Video – MMA Fans Reactions to the Tyron Woodley Tape. Whatever you do don’t Google why this big strong ninja is trended let’s discuss why Tyron Woodley is currently trending on Twitter.

Now replace the image of the peach in your mind with the crispiest of the roast beef you can find now I can’t shame the brother.

Watch Tyron Woodley Video – MMA Fans Reactions to the Tyron Woodley Tape:

We have all l!cked some coochie before but there’s a way to l!ck coochie and still maintain your masculine frame. She was treating this man Tyron Woodley like he was a Hollywood actor.


Brother if you l!cking coochie and you a high-value man you got to l!ck coochie with some decor.

Now I understand if you a hom0se*ual and winter is coming up you got to find a way to have a wilder beast.

Tyron Woodley Video:

Let you stay in their crib so you got to L!ck coochie with no decor. If you are a man of value you can’t let her put her hands on your head and push you down as if you giving top.

As if you giving a guac as if she’s the ninja and you s*cking her off you got to have some deor.

Tyron Woodley was peeking out as if he was shy to l!ck some coochie he was poking his head out and giving her a little eye contact for validation dog who raised some of these ninjas.

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Tyron Woodley is a world champion Tyron Woody is a top-five UFC fighter of all time Tyron Woody is a millionaire why are you l!cking coochie.

As if you the hoe that got to pay rent as if you the hom0s*xual that’s l!cking a wilderness. So she can let you stay in the crib during winter you all got to have something torn.

Tyron Willie you went outside and please don’t up it going to make you lose all respect for Tyron Woody.

Fans React to the UFC Champion Tyron Woodley Tape:


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