World Darts Sensation Luke Littler Kisses his Girlfriend Eloise Milburn While Celebrating FIFA Quarter-Final Win. He has taken the Darts World by storm becoming the youngest player to ever win a match at the world championships. And now Luke is set to be as big as Tyson Fury.

Luke Littler 16 from Warrington will be taking on fellow Englishman Rob Cross tonight in the PDC World Darts Championship semi-finals and is the favourite to win with odds of four sixths.

World Darts Sensation Luke Littler Kisses his Girlfriend Eloise Milburn While Celebrating FIFA Quarter-Final Win:

Luke who’s already been tipped as the favourite to win Sports Personality of the Year 2024 is already guaranteed a 00,000 Payday but he looks set to become a millionaire over the coming year having dropped only for set all tournament.


He told Sky Sports,

now I am dreaming I’m two games away I’m thinking about lifting the title if I keep it up I have got a good chance.

The darts Wonder Kid has been supported by his girlfriend ELO Milbourne and his sister Caitlyn throughout the competition.

Brand and culture expert Nikki believed the two stunning blondes could work like M Hay and Paris Fury in helping him make the littlest as big as the furies.

He says Luke is the next big thing in sports but also as a celebrity in his own right he can make millions with darts endorsements.

And draws in a whole new demographic of players and fans and also more importantly away from the board with his glamorous girlfriend and supportive family.

He’s got all the makings of the next TV star with a fly-on-the-wall reality show on the cards to rival the furies or Sam and Billy Fus.

Who is the 16-year-old darts player?

Luke Littler – the 16-year-old who is changing darts at the PDC World Championship. Luke Littler has taken the PDC World Darts Championship by storm on his debut, aged just 16.

On Tuesday, he extended his fairytale run with a dominant victory against 2018 world champion Rob Cross at Alexandra Palace in London.

Luke the Nuke van Eloise first made headlines on New Year’s Day when they were seen sharing a kiss at the PDC World Darts championships at Alexandre Palace celebrating his big win.

Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler Girlfriend Eloise Milburn:

Beauty consultant Eles 21 was supporting Luke from the crowd and was wearing the same blue shirt as him.

After Luke’s victory over Brendan Dolan Eloise who is an Avon sales representative and amateur darts player herself took to Instagram to share how impressed she was by her partner’s win.

Writing the dream carries on but musical theatre fan Eloise is talented in her own right too and has been showing off her Sensational singing voice on social media.

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A clip of her belting out Adele’s huge hit song Easy on Me racked up over 2,500 views on TikTok before she made her account private.

And darts isn’t the only sport she’s into as she shared videos of herself supporting Crystal Palace FC at the FIFA Cup semi-final in Wembley last year.

Eloise also suffered a recent cancer scare and had a tumour removed from her leg opening up about her ordeal and sharing pictures from her surgery she wrote on TikTok that,

recovery was difficult but finally getting there hash operation # Cancer Care # recovery # stay strong

Nick believes this openness is what will drive TV producers to look to her and Luke for a reality show he says,

for any reality star it’s all about being open and honest and she ticks all the right boxes to become TV Gold Plus

Eloise is a beautician and a keen performer so her and Luke’s Dynamic will make for must-see viewing. Follow us on Facebook.

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