What are the Latest Fortnite Update 3.78 Patch Notes? As we were about to start a round in Fortnite, epic Online Games released a Fortnite update on 3.78 PS4, PC, PS5 (1.000.088), Xbox One, and PC. So there is a new update to download, which is an unannounced patch for the shooter. We have all the facts about it so read on for what’s new in the Fortnite January 25 patch notes.

What is the Latest Fortnite Update 3.78 Patch Notes – Fortnite Online Game:

Today’s Fortnite version 3.78 will address a few of the issues. The brand new Fortnite update 3.78 (1,088) is now available for download for all platforms including the mobile version. File sizes vary by platform.

PS5 version 1,000,088: 766MB


PS4 version 3.78: 690MB

Fortnite Update 3.78 Patch Notes (1.000.088) | Fortnite January 25 Patch Notes:

According to the official Fortnite 3.78 patch notes, they addressed some of the minor stability issues with the game. So now Fortnite update 3.78 also includes performance improvements.

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Here’s the latest announcement from Fortnite:

The official Fortnite Trello board, mention a few changes and upgrades which are described below.

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Fixed in Future Game Update:

Players are unable to claim the Exile variation of the Mind’s Eye back bling Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound Helmet visually incorrect. Physics on Joni the Red’s coat is no longer functioning.

Hurdling is temporarily disabled:

The Sparkle Specialist outfit is not reflective and shiny.

In Development:

Players are getting a blue lobby background Bonus Rewards ‘Pre-requisite Not Met’ Issue.

We are still searching for new updates and if there are any other changes released, we’ll update the article. Follow us on Twitter.

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