Apple usually replaces a colour with a new colour, when they bring out a new model, and many believe pink will be the new colour brought in the mix. like iPhone 13 Pro Max.

If you are patiently waiting to upgrade your phone for the next iPhone model to be released before, these rumours will boost you.

An iPhone 13 Pro Max In Pink Colour Released Date? Rumours On Twitter by Apple Fans!

An Account called “Ping Phones” on Twitter announced that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be released in Rose Pink in December 2021. After the uproar around the possibility of a pink iPhone 13, Pro Apple lovers have gone wild.


This company and other phone repair shops will likely be able to modify the iPhones so that a different colour phone can be returned.

Read on to learn more about the iPhone 13 Pro, and what we can expect from its release.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rose Pink coming soon in December 2021 💕

— PENG STORE  (@PengPhones) May 5, 2021

An iPhone 13 Pro In Pink Colour Released Date?

The potential iPhone has not been released much in 13 colours. However, judging by the iPhone 12 colours, many people think they will follow a similar theme. Five colours include dark blue, mint green, red, white and black.

Apple has released similar colours in previous models if you are desperate for a pink iPhone. A 2018 model iPhone, iPhone XR is still available in ‘Coral’, a vibrant, orange-pink colour, it may not pass as a true pink but it’s as close as you’re going to get. Unless you want a rose gold iPhone 6.

The second option, of course, is to order a pink case and pretend your iPhone is pink, Apple’s website has two cases that can be ordered in pink colour.

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While the Twitter account has suggested new pink colours and release dates.

Apple has confirmed nothing.

Rumours On Twitter by Apple Fans!

We are ready for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Oh we are READY for the new iPhone 13 pro max in PINK 😍😍

— PrettyLittleThing (@OfficialPLT) May 9, 2021

Get the Rose Pink.

i will get the rose pink iphone

— kurrren🌩 (@wh0reformgg) May 8, 2021

Girl Friend Wants the new iPhone.

if my gf want the pink iphone 13 pro max all she gotta do is ask and and imma say yes me too

— elio 🧻🧴 (@vitaminelio) May 9, 2021

The new iPhone Pro Max is an Investment toward the multiple streams income.

This pink iPhone pro max 😍, is mine. Ima consider it as an investment Towards my multiple steams income.

— Andrew 🇭🇹🇩🇴 (@xo_fsb) May 7, 2021

iPhone 13 Pink.

Iphone Pink 💓

— Assia (@4udi6) May 6, 2021


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