Us e-commerce company Amazon is going to add Pakistan to its seller list within a few days, opening up new opportunities for the country’s youth and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Prime Minister’s Advisor on Trade Razak Dawood announced on Thursday.

Amazon Includes Pakistan To Its Approved Seller List | Amazon in Pakistan:

Prime Minister Of Pakistan Advisor On Trade And Investment Abdul Razak Dawood Announced On Thursday That Us e-commerce company Amazon has decided to include Pakistan in its approved seller list.

We have finally made it. @amazon will be adding Pakistan its Sellers’ List within a few days. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening. It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs and women entrepreneurs. .

— Abdul Razak Dawood (@razak_dawood) May 6, 2021

Open Amazon Account From Pakistan:

Accounts can be created using Pakistani details after Pakistan approves selling countries in the Amazon list. This milestone will drastically transform the game and result in a new era of economic growth as more sellers visit the platform than ever before.


Pakistan is the only South Asian country that, despite being one of the largest manufacturing economies in the region, is not on amazon’s platform list of 102 countries. Last year, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranked Pakistan 116th in the B2C E-commerce index of 152 countries.

The volume of Pakistan’s e-commerce market reached Rs 96 billion in the first quarter of the current financial year with a growth rate of more than 35% as compared to Rs 71 billion over the same period last year. Pakistan is therefore also becoming the hub for making the development of this sector possible.

Meanwhile, National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) is in the process of developing a payment solution for international payments in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

“We have finally made it; Amazon will be adding Pakistan to its Sellers’ List within a few days,” Dawood tweeted. “We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening, he added. “It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs and women entrepreneurs… It is an excellent opportunity for our youth, SMEs and women entrepreneurs,” Dawood said.

The Prime Minister’s Advisor on Trade said amazon’s listing was an important milestone in the government’s e-commerce policy, which has been achieved by many around the world through teamwork.

He added that he has been busy with Amazon since last year and now it is happening.

E-commerce and digital media manager Muhammad Adeel said amazon’s arrival in Pakistan would increase job opportunities in Pakistan and enable small and big business owners to benefit from it, which is a welcome development. He added that the e-commerce sector will also pick up.

Digital media marketer Noman Yunus added that the Amazon update is not only a good new one for the business community but freelancers are also happy.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Assistant for Political Affairs (SAPM) Shahbaz Gill said Amazon has added Pakistan to its approved seller list.

پاکستان کی تاریخ میں جو کام پچھلے دس سال سے نا ہوسکا وہ بالآخر موجودہ حکومت نے کر دکھایا۔

AMAZON نے پاکستان کو سیلر لسٹ میں شامل کردیا ہے۔

اس سے پاکستان عالمی منڈی میں شامل ہوگیا ہے۔اس سے اربوں کی سرمایہ کاری اور روزگار کے مواقع پیدا ہوں گے. شکریہ عمران خان

— Dr. Shahbaz GiLL (@SHABAZGIL) May 5, 2021

Crediting the PTI government for the development, an aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted:

“What could not be achieved during the last 10 years in the history of Pakistan, has finally been done by the present government.”

Gill said Pakistan has now joined the global market resulting in billions for the country in the form of investment and employment opportunities.

“Thank you, Imran Khan.”

According to Noman Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, C Global, said it was a huge incentive for Pakistani manufacturers. Amazon has an inventory of about 12 million items in all its categories and services.

“Amazon’s share in the US e-commerce market is 45%, which can be explored in an open competitive environment,” he said.

He also added that Amazon’s global net income has increased by about $45 billion on an annual basis. Amazon is a corporate giant and Pakistan is being recognized by it which will result in rapid economic growth.

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“We are entering into a competitive world which means more people are expected to join the bandwagon and that will further increase competition at a global scale,”

“Entering into this world alone is not the key, people should go for online training to understand the dynamics of an online marketplace and devote themselves to revolutionising the e-commerce world of Pakistan.”

A webinar was also organized by the Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles and the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan along with senior executives of a few Pakistani companies.

Omar Gajjal, a former senior executive at Amazon, told the participants what kind of opportunities Pakistani businesses will have to sell their products on Amazon and how they can get the most out of the opportunity after Amazon opens seller registration for Pakistan.

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