There are many strange stories about Gog and Magog that children are shocked to hear because these people are considered to be very savage and horrible.

The Reality of Gog and Magog:

Many of their stories of horror are known to people of all religions. They are also mentioned in the last inspired book, but historically Gog and Magog are descendants of Japheth, the third son of Noah.

There have been two great savage tribes of the human race who used to oppress and abuse the people around them and plunder human settlements.


The verses of the Holy Qur’an, the demands of the Torah and the historical evidence show that these people lived in Northeast Asia and caused trouble in the southern and western parts of Asia as a result of their barbaric attacks.

Some historians the settlement is believed to have been located around Moscow and Seychelles, and some believe that the cities of Gog and Magog stretched from Tibet and China to the Arctic Ocean in the north and Turkestan in the west.

In the time of Hazrat Zul-Qarnain (AS), the attacks of Gog and Magog became deadly. To prevent them, Zul-Qarnain built a high and strong wall between the mountains.

There is a difference of opinion among the commentators as to who Zulqarnain is mentioned in the Qur’an, who he is historically, and to whom this story applies among the famous personalities of history. After reading the history books, people have made different assumptions about Zulqarnain’s personality and the Wall of Zulqarnain.

Strangely, many ancient scholars and thinkers consider Alexander the Great to be Zulqarnain but some deny this and argue that Zulqarnain was in fact the address of Hazrat Sulaiman (AS).

Some modern commentators and thinkers call Zulqarnain another name for the ancient Iranian king Cyrus the Great, and this is relatively plausible, but no one can be convinced of it yet.

The Qur’an about Zulqarnain has made it clear that he was a ruler who was blessed by Allah Almighty with immense wealth and means.

Conquering the lands of the East and the West, he reached a mountain pass on the other side of which was Gog and Magog.

In Surah Al-Kahf of the Qur’an, it is narrated that Gog and Magog, Dhu’l-Qarnayn, narrated that when he reached between a hundred walls (mountains) during his northern expedition, he found a people whose language was incomprehensible.

However, when contacted by the spokesman, he said that Gog and Magog are spreading mischief in this land.

“Gog and Magog are spreading mischief in this land, so build a wall between us and them,” he said.

In the minds of some people, this is an imaginary wall. Some consider this wall to be the Great Wall of China, which is the only object of the earth visible from the moon.

The wall built and the wall built is not imaginary or spiritual but real and sensual, which was made of iron and molten copper, which temporarily suppressed the temptation of Gog and Magog.

When this wall was built, Zulqarnain thanked Allah who helped build this wall and save the people from the troubles of the day to come, but at the same time told the people that although this wall is very strong and stable. But it is not eternal.

Whatever is created is about to perish, and when the time of the promise of my Lord draws near, He will make it grow, and the promise of my Lord is true.

Where is the Zulqarnain Dam (Wall) located?

So there are differences in this too because to this day five such walls have been known which were built by different kings in different regions at different times to protect them from the attacks of warring nations.

The most famous of these is the Great Wall of China, which is estimated to be between twelve hundred miles and fifteen hundred miles long and still exists. In a small mountain pass, it is a wall made of ordinary spices.

Some commentators and religious leaders insist that this is the same “Marb” wall that exists in Yemen. It is true that the Marb wall was built in a mountain pass, but it was built to prevent flooding and to store water.

However, it is not made of iron or copper, but according to the testimony of scholars and researchers in the land “Caucasus” between the Caspian River and the Black River is a series of mountains that are like a wall north and It separates the south from each other.

There is also a wall-like pass in it which is the famous pass “Dariel or Darial”. An ancient historical iron wall can still be seen here, which is why many people think that this is the wall of Zulqarnain.

Although the dam (wall) of Zulqarnain has been made very strong and it is not possible for Gog and Magog to come here by climbing it or by making a hole in it, but when the promise of Allah is fulfilled, He will break it into pieces and make it equal to the earth. Near the Day of Resurrection, Gog and Magog will appear.

In a hadith of Sahih Bukhari,

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) explained that a small hole in this wall is close to fitna.

According to another hadith:

Gog and Magog dig this wall every day and then leave it for tomorrow, but when Allah’s will is for them to leave, Then they will say tomorrow they will dig it, God willing. Then the next day they will succeed in getting out of it and will spread corruption in the land, ie they will not refrain from eating even human beings, then Jesus will be commanded by Allah Almighty to gather the Muslims towards Toor because Gog and Magog No one will be able to compete.

Jesus and his companions will then stand in a place where there is a severe shortage of food. Then at the request of the people, Jesus will curse Gog and Magog. They will start to die when the gauge explodes.

All of them will die, not even a single pillow of the earth will be emptied from their corpses and the foul smell of their corpses will spread everywhere. Where will they pick up their bodies and throw them away?

Then there will be rain which will make the earth clear and there will be greenery and prosperity on all sides.

In Sahih Muslim, in the narration of Nawas bin Simaan, it is clear that Gog and Magog will appear in their presence after the revelation of Jesus.

This refutes the commentators who say that the Tatar invasion of the Muslims or the Mongol Turks, including Genghis Khan, or the Russian and Chinese nations, are the same Gog and Magog, who have appeared Western nations. There are examples of their dominance all over the world.

All of this is wrong, because the domination of Gog and Magog does not mean political domination, but the temporary domination of carnage and mischief that will have the power to fight it.

It is also said that when Gog and Magog are victorious, they will destroy everything and then they will perish due to someone’s blasphemy.

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