A Unique Device Can Generate Electricity At Your Fingertips. Experts have developed a device that collects human sweat and converts it into electricity without the need to move a finger.

This Unique Device Can Generate Electricity At Your Fingertips:

In fact, it can even occur when people are sitting or sleeping.

For this, the engineers developed a flexible thin band that is attached to the tip of the finger-like a bandage.


After doing so, it converts the chemicals in human sweat into small amounts of electricity.

You may not know it, but if your fingers are constantly sweating, then this device will continue to work without moving any muscles.

Professor Joseph Wang of the University of California was part of the research team that developed the device and published an article about it in the journal Joule.

Professor Joseph Wang said:

The sweat on the tip of the finger, which flows naturally, no matter what we do, can be used to generate electricity through this technology.

By the way, the use of self-powered wearable systems is common, which requires strenuous physical exertion or activity to obtain electricity.

But the device does not require any physical activity, and researchers say it is a step towards making wearable devices more practical, convenient and accessible.

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The researchers said:

Although the new device generates electricity, it does not have much power, but it can run electrical equipment operating in the milliwatt range.

However, it is not currently suitable for high-power devices such as smartphones.

According to researchers, our goal is to develop a practical device and we do not want a shocking invention that generates a small amount of electricity and simply, we can use this energy to run efficient electrical products such as sensors and displays.

The fingertips have more than a thousand sweat glands that produce a hundred to a thousand times more sweat than most parts of the body, but we do not realize this but usually evaporate from there. Which this new device will use for its work.

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