Amber Rae McElravy video is a piece of Sh!t, she beat her child with a belt and threw him across the room. All she got was child endangerment. Definitely should’ve been attempted m$rder. There need to be some new laws. She should not be able to have any more children.

Amber Rae McElravy video – Woman Jailed for Abusing her Foster Child:

Amber McElravy was arrested on Tuesday after MPs went to her home on Scott Street in Newton Township. A video circulating on social of a 27 years old woman Amber Rae McElravy.


Amber McElravy Child Video:

In the video, Amber is beating her child with a belt even though the child was crying in pain. She has been held by the law forces and is still in custody without any bail. I hope they wipe the floor with her in prison.

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