Covid 19 pandemic hit India hard. People are screaming for help to save their family members. A woman walked with her husband for 10 hours. This proved to be the last night of many of these patients. As India covid, families are begging for help.

There are many families who did not even get a chance to save their loved ones. Many of these were young people who left behind orphans.

People are dying due to a severe lack of oxygen. Some hospitals have only a few days’ supplies of oxygen left.


India Covid, Families are begging for Help:

The initial success in dealing with the epidemic of the Covid 19, the Indian government thought that circumstances are under control. But the second wave of the epidemic quickly engulfed everyone.


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And now with the rapid rise in mortality rates, the need to build new crematoriums overnight has been increased.

People are preparing to burn the dead bodies of their loved ones alone. This is a ritual in which the whole family is involved.

A loved one of the deceased:

we were not prepared for such a situation. And to see my mother go like this is extremely distressing. She was only 50 years old. She had recently retired so that she could spend some time with us. And now I can see her lying here.

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