From January to February 2020 and March to April 2021. These scenes are telling the story of Covid 19’s state in India. From the first wave of the virus to the reduction of cases. Covid in India, How did Situation Get Out of Hands?

Covid in India, How did Situation Get Out of Hands:

And now, according to experts, India is in the throes of a very dangerous second wave. In India, 1.5 Lac, cases of corona have been reported.


How did India get to this point?

In the last year of March and November, the number of hospitals in dealing with the increased corona cases.

Businesses and bazaars have been opened and the people start travelling in those days. Clubs, malls, and the gym were also full of people.

Holi was celebrated and Kumbh Mela was also celebrated. In the meantime, people abandoned the social distancing and the mask.


Now doctors say that they are suffering the consequences of these people mistakes. Doctors are also saying that the problem is getting worse.

Bed shortage forced Covid patients to sleep on footpaths. The shortage of beds for Covid patients in Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences hospital (BRIMS) has pushed patients to the streets.

Covid patients are having to sleep on the pavements outside the hospital’s premises in Bidar district Karnataka.

Even families of Covid patients reportedly begged the hospital to treat their patients on the floor itself if there were no beds available.

A doctor Sarsoti Senha said:

“This is the first time I have seen such a thing. You arrive at the hospital where there is already an atmosphere of chaos. The patient’s oxygen level is dropping. He is on a ventilator. At the same time, your junior doctors are calling you to ICU. The Covid’s ICU is an even more urgent emergency situation. Especially when the epidemic is at its height. Last year the situation was not so bad.”

The health system in various Indian cities is under severe pressure. Because News of life-saving drugs, ICU beds and oxygen shortages are coming across the country.

Why are People in India are Ignoring the New Wave of Covid:

But there are still scenes on the roads where people are travelling like there is no threat from Covid. Safety measures are also being taken carelessly.

Why are Covid Cases Increasing again in India:

Some experts believe that the cause of the dangerous wave is a very serious type of virus.

However, the Indian government has not given a reason for the increase in cases.

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Experts Sound Alarmed as Covid 19 Spreading Rapidly in India / And how did the situation get to this point?

Experts believe that time is running out for India to take immediate steps to curb the spread of the virus.

About 6 crore people have been vaccinated in the country so far. But there is an urgent need to speed up vaccination.

Some experts believe that lockdown can also be helpful. But lockdown in India is not an easy way. Like last year, two million people will be unemployed overnight.

Another doctor said:

In these situations, courage is broken.

he also said that:

Even after 6 years of experience in the intensive care unit, facing death is painful every time.

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