Israel’s Largest Prison Has Been Built | The plot of the defeated Netanyahu. Palestine, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Ghaz and Al-Quds, is the first Qiblah of the Muslim Ummah. Al-Quds is the abode of the 124,000 Prophets.

Israel’s Largest Prison Has Been Built | The plot of the defeated Netanyahu:

who, despite all their claims for decades, have failed to deter Israel from its aggression and inhumane acts.

Palestine, 73 Years Of Cultural Cleansing And Dispossession:

No one is going to ask the oppressive and usurping Zionist state, which has trampled on hundreds of UN resolutions, who has given it the power to evict the Palestinians from their lands and homes and thus destroy them.


The oppressed Palestinians have been enduring the atrocities of imperialism and Zionism for the last 73 years.

It is the double standards of the civilized world and the rise of Muslim countries that have shown that Israel is constantly massacring Palestinians. He is still evicting Palestinians from their land and setting up ghettos there, and the Muslim Ummah, including the Arabs, is staging protests.

What a helpless nation that has no voice to speak out against.

For decades, Jews once again observed Ramadan and did not hesitate the horrific attacks that have been going on since the 27th of Ramadan are a conspiracy of Netanyahu because he was being ousted for corruption and there are demonstrations in Israel against his tax evasion.

Netanyahu Conspiracy:

Netanyahu had been on trial for three major crimes, which forced him to resign. He targeted Muslims, provoked contact with rocket-propelled grenades, and got rid of his worries.

It also appears to be working to prevent Arab members of parliament from backing the nominee for prime minister. In addition, Israel’s goal is to block Biden’s plan to establish a Palestinian state.

The United States had planned to establish both Israel and Palestine, but as a result of the war, Israel illegally occupied most of Palestine.

The biggest tragedy is that the Israeli aggression has the tacit support of all the world’s major powers. The biggest power is the United States.

This makes the situation worse and the enslaved Muslims of America did nothing but enslave.

It is noteworthy that the Secretary-General of the United Nations reiterated his commitment to continue supporting the Palestinians and urged Israel to resolve the conflict based on relevant UN resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements.

Gaza The World’s Largest Open-Air Prison:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reconfirmed his commitment to continue supporting the Palestinians and Israel have made Gaza the world’s largest prison.

Israel’s largest prison has been built and the contractors of humanity are on the side of Israel.

Inhumane atrocities and the deportation of Palestinian civilians are the daily routines of the Zionist forces.

All sorts of things to crush the Palestinian cause tactics have been used. More than 600,000 Jews have been resettled in 140 settlements being built in West Jordan and East Jerusalem.

Why The Islamic World Is Silent On Ghaza:

How proud the world and the Muslim Ummah are and the Arabs are silent when they see the blood of these children, of the veiled women and of the race.

The silence of the Muslim rulers on Zionist atrocities is shameful, the meeting of the Islamic Conference is limited to mere sitting, gossip and dismissal, avoiding practical collective action.

Some say that instead of putting ointment on the wounds of the oppressed, they sprinkle salt on them. Seeing these scenes, the heart comes to mind that what a helpless nation it is that no one will raise its voice against oppression.

No one is there who look at pictures and scenes and warn Israel that your action is a violation of human rights and aggression. Israeli soldiers are also doing all this in front of press cameras and reporters.

To whom should this oppressed nation cry out? Help Palestine:

Massacres of genocide are coming to the world every day and the world is in a state of despair.

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Jews increase the number of killings during Ramadan and tell the Islamic world that Muslims are helpless.

Shame, shame, regret, death, as if they were convinced that no voice would be raised from any corner of the world on our innocence.

Israel committed the worst war crimes, more than 200 innocent Palestinians were martyred, including innocent children and women, but the conscience of the international community was not awakened.

It is this silence that has encouraged Israeli soldiers to run over children in front of press cameras and to shoot wounded children at gunpoint.

This silence gave them the courage to shoot the young men in the crowded bazaars and then stand up and watch the spectacle of death.

Beat the protesting Palestinian girls and even play Holi with their blood. Surprising international organizations as well. The UN Security Council, the human rights organizations that are bubbling up in the West, are silent on this crime in this criminal way.

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