What Is Nakba Day: Palestinians Mark The Expulsion From The Homeland. Every year on May 15th, Palestinians mark “Nakba Day” or “Day of the Catastrophe”. Nakba Day is the annual commemoration of the mass expulsion of Palestinians.

What Is Nakba Day: Palestinians Mark The Expulsion From The Homeland:

It was May 1948 and most of the 400 inhabitants fled after mortar attacks it was the beginning of the Nakba.

Today it’s important for new generations of Palestinians to remember what happened to them on Nakba.


One of the Palestinians named Faiza sleet was nine years old when his village Cabeza was attacked and captured by Israeli paramilitary groups. He said our children or family or part of the Diaspora they went to Lebanon Syria and Iraq all over those countries we were killed they gave us the title of the children of the refugees.

Israel has continued to expand its occupation in the West Bank and Jerusalem since 1948.

Palestinians say that makes the Nakba the word means catastrophe an ongoing event.

Historian Adelman assesses:

What’s happened since is in many ways like colonialism and in some ways, it’s worse.

He also said:

“country like Britain or France or other colonial countries were occupying you know states or countries in Asia and Africa and America and so on and then at the end of the day in the period of decolonization they went back to their country settler colonial ‘z they don’t have the possibility of going back to their country because they establish their new society on the expense of the indigenous people.”

Palestinians say that’s exactly how zionists established the Israeli state by displacing them and seizing their land but Israel disagrees.

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Foreign Ministry of Isreal Spokesman Emmanuel Nashon said:

“The Palestinians have no right of return because the Palestinians started this conflict and the consequence of this conflict is among other things the situation of the refugees but we cannot and we will not allow people who for the last 71 years have been educated to hate the State of Israel into our own country this is inconceivable.”

But Palestinians insist that it was zionist atrocities that forced them to flee the most infamous being Deir Yassin. Mustafa Fatih Yavuz Occupied East Jerusalem said:

“seven-to-one years ago the roughest 600 people here at the time in Deir Yassin was attacked by zionist militias more than a hundred Palestinians were killed the massacre was pivotal in pushing Palestinians to leave their homes.”

Today Faiza sleet finds little that is familiar in his village but he remains hopeful that one day Palestinians will return and rebuild their homeland and reclaimed what he says is rightful.

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