The young Canadian made that fact abundantly clear in a now-viral interview with CTV News Toronto. A Toronto boy is gaining attention after his hilarious reaction to shovelling never-ending mounds of snow after Monday’s blizzard.

Toronto Kid Exhausted Video Goes Viral – Who is Carter Trozzolo?

The visibly exhausted Carter Trozzolo said in an interview with CTV News Toronto few words besides the fact he’s tired, and would rather be in school than outdoors shovelling.

Between heavy sighs, Trozzolo said he’s been out shovelling all day for “my neighbours, friends, and probably people I don’t even know.”


“Tiring,” sighed Trozzolo loudly. “I really wish I was in school right now,” he added.

A 9-year-old boy is sick and tired of shovelling snow:

Carter Trozzolo is now an internet star after his reaction to snow shovelling went viral on social media.

Meagan Derynick posted a clip of an interview with a local news station to Twitter on Tuesday.

The interview, complete with a chyron reading “Exhausted,” quickly went viral.

Notably, Trozzolo wasn’t just shovelling snow in front of his house, he was also shovelling for “neighbours, friends, probably people I even don’t know,”

He explained. “I am tired,” he reiterated as he looked toward the heavens which, as snow continued to fall on his face, appeared to be mocking him.

The interview has been viewed by more than 1.4 million people online, and even caught the attention of the Toronto District School Board.

Meaghan Derynck has also Tweeted a Follow-up Video:

CTV News caught up with Trozzolo as he shovelled snow following Monday’s massive snowstorm which blanketed southern Ontario.

And the kid’s exasperation at finding himself outside in the cold will resonate with anyone who’s ever been stuck with an unpleasant task.

“We can’t wait to have you back at school, Carter,” the TDB said in a tweet Tuesday. “Thank you for helping neighbours, friends and even people you don’t know.”

Tweeter Users Responses on Carter Video:

“One of my favourite kids was on the news tonight in Toronto and I have officially died. I’m dead,” wrote one fan. “The nameplate alone. Gold.”

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