An alleged video shared by WillieDlive Twitter of a gorgeous Instagram model Mannequin is now dead after she got tied up with a dangerous group of drug dealers.

The brutal murder of the young Brazilian IG model is going viral on social media. She had more than 10,000 followers.

Watch WillieDLive Twitter Video – Drug Dealers Kill IG Mannequin On Instagram Live:

The Brazilian IG model – who had more than 10,000 followers – allegedly hired drug mules to transport drugs. According to the reports, she was supposed to deliver the drugs from point a to point b, using the driver that the dealers provided her.


Another report says that the Ig model decided that their driver was taking too long, so she took a taxi – and was robbed by the taxi driver.

The drug dealers were so upset with her that they decided to KILL her, on her own IG page. The dealers forced her to go Live – and then killed the beautiful model in front of her thousands of fans.

Who is WillieDlive on Twitter?

William James Dennis is an American rapper, best known as a member of the Houston rap group the Geto Boys, alongside Bushwick Bill and Scarface. He maintains and regularly uploads to his YouTube channel, posting social commentary videos.

He shared the video of an IG mannequin, being murdered by drug Dealers, on his Twitter web page. That video has been viewed by more than 692K Twitter users.

WillieD has 105.5K followers but after this alleged video, the followers are increasing. He has followed 1,864. WillieD has 17.6K Tweets.

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Drug Dealers killing an IG mannequin on IG dwell:

The sad incident happened on 15 June 2021 however the video went viral again in the recent days after WillieDlive shared the alleged video on his Twitter handler.

Video of Instagram Model Mannequin:

Here’s the video that went live across Instagram.

The video content maybe not be suitable for a few users.

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