In this article I am going to show you How to Fix the TikTok App is not working. So I have prepared multiple ways you can fix your TikTok app. Read this article and you will be able to fix your app problem.

How to Fix the TikTok App is not working?

If the Tik Tok App not working I recommend restarting the app and your device as the first step in troubleshooting.


If your TikTok is open and it’s not loading just close it and to restart your device just hold down the shutdown button and turn it on and off again.

Restarting Mobile Phone
Restarting Mobile Phone

Also weak data or Wi-Fi signal can also impact your experience on TikTok. Try to switch ON Wi-Fi to mobile data to troubleshoot.

Switching from WiFi to Mobile Data
Switching from WiFi to Mobile Data

TikTok App is not working

Is the issue related to connectivity if that also doesn’t work then go to your browser and type in TikTok down Google is going to tell you whether are they or are not having any problems right now. Follow us on Facebook.

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