Chrisean Rock on Viral Inguinal Hernia Blueface Tweet about his son. Christian rock is heated after Blueface posted pictures of their son on Twitter.

The Blueface post “Baby Son’s Hernia/Penis” refers to a September 2023 controversy in which rapper Blueface posted a photo of his son’s genitals on X/Twitter to showcase his son’s hernia.

Chrisean Rock on Viral Inguinal Hernia Blueface Tweet about his Son:

Viral Inguinal Hernia post sparks disbelief online. Rapper Blueface is facing the internet’s wrath after posting images of his son’s genitals on X (formerly known as Twitter).


The father of Chrisean Rock’s son took to the social networking site and claimed that his baby was suffering from a hernia.

In the original tweet, Chrisean said:

“This is what my son’s Pe*** looks like, she was worried about me, such a small Pe*** like bih, give our son a nice Pe***, don’t do what you want.”

Blueface quickly deleted the tweet following the backlash against X, and users likened the post to a media shocker. The next day, Blueface claimed his phone was stolen and his Twitter was hacked, sparking further scepticism and memes.

But Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock takes this seriously and says to Blue “You will go to jail“.

Chrisean Rock Said,

“This is about another that I have that doesn’t even talk to me I don’t have any relations with I have no relations with we don’t talk Kahoot nothing y’all did that little subliminal Tweet.

whatever blue you were stretching you made it about you then I did the little music video with you.

you didn’t come to see your son you came to do the music video let’s be clear you came to Baltimore.

when I’m calling you saying your son got possibly surgery but we’re going to talk to the surgeon and the doctors and schedule a firm date for him to go in on anesthesia.

and like that, we have to talk to anesthesiologists yeah I need to talk to the whole front lineup.

who’s going to be operating on my son yeah that’s why it took a little minute for me to really get a date a confirmed date, bro.”

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Blueface’s post was seemingly in response to an argument he was having with the mother of his son, Chrisean Rock, about parenting.

Blueface followed up the photo with another post on X[2] in which he said his son needed the hernia surgery but Rock “missed the appointment,” gaining roughly 3,200 likes in less than a day (shown below). Follow us on Facebook.

Blueface Tweet
Blueface Tweet
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