Bodycam video shows a Philadelphia police officer charged with murder firing into Eddie Irizarry’s car. We are learning new details about the deadly police-involved shooting in Kensington 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry was shot and killed by an officer while sitting in his parked car.

Bodycam video shows a Philadelphia police officer charged with murder firing into Eddie Irizarry’s car:

After a police pursuit on Monday actions reporter Maggie Ken is live at Police Headquarters. With the latest on what we have learned about that deadly encounter and the officer who opened fire.

Philadelphia police just confirmed that the officer who pulled the trigger was Mark Dial. He is a five-year veteran of the force he was assigned to the 24th Police District now we know based on what we heard from Top brass earlier this week.


Today would be the day that investigators with the officer-involved shooting team would be interviewing Dial to learn exactly what happened on Monday on Monday.

Eddie Irizarry’s car shooting:

27-year-old Eddie Irizarry was killed by police gunfire after a traffic stop in Kensington. The firing officer has been identified as a five-year veteran of the force Mark Dial police,

A Dial’s partner warned him there was a weapon in the car before he opened fire police found two knives in Irizarry’s vehicle but would not say if he was holding either of them.

It’s been more than three days since the shooting a significant moment in the timeline of the officer-involved shooting investigation.

Now investigators want to hear from Officer Dial The officer has the right to consult with counsel they will be interviewed this week.

However, they do have 72 hours from the time of the discharge to be interviewed. A number of Investigations are running concurrently in the officer-involved shooting unit.

And District Attorney’s office is conducting a criminal investigation Internal Affairs is looking into whether protocol was broken and a third party.

The Citizen’s police oversight commission is watching to ensure the process is fair. It’s difficult for people to trust an agency that says We looked at it ourselves and everything’s fine right. It creates legitimacy for a police department to have an outside agency that’s civilian.

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The family of Eddie Irizarry says they have not yet seen the body-worn camera footage detailing the last moments of his life but they want Justice.

This is a crime he committed and he’s going to pay for his crime. The law firm that’s representing Dial says that they will not be commenting on this investigation at this time.

We know that the District Attorney’s office is conducting that criminal investigation they said they would not be releasing the body-worn camera footage until that investigation was complete. Follow us on Facebook.

Attorneys speak after Philadelphia police officer turns himself in for Eddie Irizarry car shooting:

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