TikTok star Coco Bliss and Grace NYC Hotel fight viral on Twitter. This week after they got in and out of an elevator at the same time Tiktok star Coco Bliss and Grace have gone viral across social media platforms after getting into a physical fight.

TikTok star Coco Bliss and Grace NYC Hotel fight viral on Twitter

The two-wear wrestling in the same Hotel in New York and bumped into each other subsequently leading to a physical attraction. Internet users to share their hilarious responses to the fight.

Who are Coco Bliss and Grace:

Coco Bliss is its star with 3.3 million followers on her account at TikTok where she posts fire lip scenes and challenging content.


The 22-year-old from Miami Florida launched her profile in March 2020 and now owns her own modelling agency ‘Blue Model Dress’.

Goes by the name Grace is another popular TikTok sensation with more than 1.1 million followers on the app.

Coco Bliss and Grace Fight:

In the video which has gone viral Coco Bliss can be seen for a week fighting Grace who is on the floor.

At one point Coco can be heard saying Do you want to keep going Grace can be heard telling the hotel to stop she was attacked by Coco as well.

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So has claimed that the fight broke out when Grace was getting off an elevator which was being entered by the cocoa Blaze.

Coco explained that she got into a physical fight with Grace after the latter attempted to make fun of her she added. Follow us on Facebook.

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