Ugandan woman Mona Kizz jumping to her death in UAE and Jumped from a building called Al Fahad. African governments must work hard to protect citizens from being @bused in Arab countries. She’d rather die than live through the daily torture.

Dubai girl jumping twitter video | KARUNGI MONIC a.k.a Mona Kizz Jumping – Slay Queen Jumping Viral Video

I watched a video of this girl Karungi Monica from Isingiro, who committed suicide in Duba by jumping off from the top of the Al Fahad building in Dubai and it melted my heart.


Dear hustlers, if you going through a tough situation in Kyeeyo please at least try your best and find a way to return home than end your life.

Watch the Full Mona Kizz Jumping video:

Warning‼️This video is disastrous, Kindly don’t watch it if you have a lip heart. How Karungi Monic jumped from the 8th floor of the Al Fahad building in Dubai to the ground.

If you are curious to watch Mona Kizz Video and pictures then you may follow this link. (Warning: NSFW content)

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