Bartholomew 0794 Twitter web page is trending today after he uploaded the American Rapper Young Gravy’s private video. Bartholomew Twitter is currently trending on Google because of the material he has posted on social media. And people are reacting to the video posted on her Twitter videos.

Matthew Raymond Hauri, known professionally as Yung Gravy, is an American rapper from Minnesota. Netizens are curious to watch yummy and spicy videos.

Read this article because we will tell you about Bartholomew 0794 and also provide you with a link to watch Rapper’s private video.


Bartholomew 0794 Twitter Video – Yung Gravy Video Viral on Reddit:

Twitter handler, @Bartholomew0794, has become a web sensation after he posted the videos. Internet users raced to Twitter to discover who the indicated Twitter client is and which videos he shared on Twitter.

As we all know that almost all viral trends are available on social media platforms. even though all netizens are not able to watch it. But we will tell you where to watch these videos.

Who is Yung Gravy?

Matthew Raymond Hauri, known professionally as Yung Gravy, is an American rapper from Minnesota. He first gained recognition in 2017, when his song “Mr. Clean” gained traction on SoundCloud, and is now RIAA certified Platinum.

Who is Bartholomew 0794?

The Twitter web page was recently created in July 2022 and has uploaded different NSFW videos, which is the reason this account is getting viral. It seems that this account was created to upload Young’s video.

Yung Gravy is quite famous among public and rap fans and he is generally known as a musician. However, his name is going viral this time around for a different purpose.

His record title is,


He has posted 25 tweets on his Twitter account so far. The Twitter web page has 1,669 followers as of now but it seems numbers are increasing. He has followed 5 accounts.

Watch the Original Yung Gravy video:

If you are curious to watch Yung Gravy’s video then you may Follow this Link to watch the Original Bartholomew 0794 Twitter videos. (Warning: Not Normal content)

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