As you all know truth Seekers has sold out so fast and it was launched on December 7th Wednesday 4 P.M Eastern Time. TruthGPT is powered by its cryptocurrency, $TruthGPT.

It was a big launch it sold out incredibly quickly and the reason it sold out is because of people. The quality people want quality projects, this is a deflationary token that has multiple revenue streams many revenue streams read the white paper.

it’s right here and tells you everything, so you guys understand that quality projects during this time period are like gold this is what is going on out here.


So this is the important stuff to understand how the other thing is we will be going over to Pancake swap instead of K swap. That is another change that has been made.

Truth GPT Crypto Update – What is TruthGPT Cryptocurrency?

The reason we’re going over to Pancake swap is that the case swap that we’re gonna originally go to the decks had a couple of glitches and we didn’t feel comfortable.

We put some of the liquidity on pancake Swap and put some of the liquidity with them they didn’t like that idea they got offended we’re not trying to offend anyone out there.

But you know people get emotional over these projects I understand but at the end of the day, we had to make the right decision most of the community really actually was very positive towards it.

Because pancake swap is obviously very battle tested and some people are getting a little nervous launching over there.

So, guys, the best way to serve everyone is to build a full security ecosystem we’re going to have KYC we’re going to have audits we’re gonna have the wallet Watcher we’re gonna have the secret wallet.

They have their own decks and how is that all going to fit into this full ecosystem?

You can stake Your Truth tokens and Earth and earn truth, you can also be able to do LPS which is truth busd and earn truth.

This makes more sense for us in a way you know sometimes things happen and you know lemons happen in business and you got to turn to lemonade.

If you’ve learned anything we are doers if you’ve learned anything we pivot we change nothing really gets us.

We just keep moving and we understand defy at an incredibly high level and that’s what you want a team to really understand.

And to understand that you know the way we do things is to understand how this market works, we try to really get in depth.

So you know first we’re going to be on pancake swap but we’ll still always keep something on pancake swap.

They have some liquidity on their decks but they’ll have two that’s just I mean it’s better right for everybody.

What is pancake swapping?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade tokens while also offering opportunities to profit from liquidity pools and staking.

What sets PancakeSwap apart from the likes of Uniswap and SushiSwap is that it runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) instead of Ethereum.

Now let’s talk about pancake swap tomorrow what are you going to do you’re going to connect your wallet you’re going to go to trade.

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For this cake, we’re going to give you a contract number you might have to paste it in and it’ll add and that’s it.

So when you see the question mark it’s not a big deal it’s just that it’s a new contract and we haven’t been verified yet by pancake swap.

So that’s a process it takes a few weeks and we’ll probably get there eventually and you know you’re going to get on coin market cap and you got to get on coin Gecko.

And all that good stuff where it makes trading a little bit easier but at first you might have to put the contract in.

The possibility of us being able to kYC to audit to put them on the wallet watcher as a launch pad and eventually put them on their decks is absolutely mind-bending.

Sometimes things happen in D5 you can’t control and it goes for the better if the teams are good but this is now almost a complete ecosystem.

Plus they have one of the best wallets in this and the safest wallets that are in D5 that’s in crypto.

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