Today I’m going to be showing you guys exactly How To Make Money With Coinbase For Beginners. As many people said that Coinbase is the number one platform for buying crypto for retail and the average investor on the street who doesn’t really follow the crypto markets.

Most beginners want to know what this platform is. It’s a very good platform to actually earn quite a bit of crypto.

Especially if you’re a beginner like if you know one of my friends or someone who I knew was a beginner in crypto I’m not just like a maniac like I am.


I would just simply tell them to use this platform because this is where they want to get started on their crypto Journey.

How to start Crypto with Coinbase and what are the Four main ways that you can earn money:

Let’s jump right into things of how you start your crypto with Coinbase and what are the Four main ways that you can earn money.

As you guys can see the number one way as a beginner is to just buy and hold. Now essentially buying and holding is sound simple but it’s just not as simple as long as you can take your emotions out of the game.

So the reason Coinbase is so popular is because it’s very simple to buy Bitcoin you link your bank account you’re able to buy Bitcoin very quickly.

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Now the thing with this guy is if you’re a beginner you just want to stick to these top two coins Okay.

The reason I say that and that people might be like “Oh that’s not how you make money” but guys trust me if you’re a complete beginner these are the only two coins that you’re going to want to pay attention to which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The reason I say that is because they are industry coins stable coins okay not actual stable coins but in the sense that they’re not going to disappear.

And of course, the reason I say that as well is because these coins are very interesting because right now all time where we are currently is in a bear market.

So for example likelihood of us buying this coin at this level and then in the future it is likely that this coin will increase simply because of course the bubble has gone down.

The previous wobble has gone down and we are now at a level which is very simple to buy out what we are currently at is a bear Market.

And bear markets are where undervalued and buying here usually constitutes a good price but of course that’s not financial advice.

So the simple method is to just simply trade certain assets. So now one thing you definitely want to do as well guys is the coin base effects.

This is something that most people don’t know about but if you are a beginner I’m gonna tell you guys a very nice secret here and this is something that most people essentially actually say the Coinbase effect.

It’s a famous phenomenon that causes asset values to rise when new listings are revealed. So the economic reasoning behind the impact is simple when a cryptocurrency is put on a prominent exchange it receives instant access to a new group of Market players.

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What does this mean in simple terms?

Coinbase as you know is pretty much the biggest crypto exchange ever for simple invested simple retail investors.

For example, if there’s a new coin and it’s coming up and it’s growing up if that coin then goes on Coinbase you get access to like 30 million people that can instantly.

Now only buy that coin people are not going to be shorting that coin so essentially what happens with that coin is that the coin simply increases in value.

A lot now why is this good for you as a beginner so what you can see as you can see certain coins that are new on a coin base.

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And as you guys can see right here it shows you which coins have just been added now in a bull market what’s likely to happen to these coins is they’re likely to shoot up in value.

Because of course you only have people that are able to buy these coins okay now this doesn’t always happen.

But of course, as you guys can see once you know we were added on Coinbase. So that is what happens when the price of a coin is added on Coinbase guys so definitely make sure you pay attention to what’s being added and sometimes you do get a bit of information.

There are Whispers there are certain you know rumours about different coins being added to Coinbase.

And if you can find out what’s being added sometimes Coinbase even hints at what they’re going to add to the platform.

Coinbase centred numerous times that they were going to add Dogecoin because it wasn’t actually on the platform.

And of course, as you guys can see it’s definitely something that you can do. So that is a very good way to earn some money from this.

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Especially if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of money it’s definitely a very good strategy that kind of work.

This is how I earn a lot of money on Coinbase okay, especially because I don’t use Coinbase to trade just mainly and especially I don’t even actually use Coinbase that much anymore.

Coinbase Affiliate Program:

But okay this is the affiliate program now the affiliate program is very good because it actually allows you to earn commissions from Coinbase.

Now the reason Coinbase is much better than every other simple crypto website is that the commissions that you get from this website are absolutely insane.

The commissions that you get I think are like 5 dollars per person which is just crazy you get five dollars a bit.

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If there was any affiliate program that I’ve made money from it was this one. So the reason it’s good as well is because like I think it’s you earn five dollars in crypto.

If you then use your affiliate link to get other people to sign up guys you can earn a lot of money.

You want to promote Coinbase to as many people as possible whether that’s through a traffic Source or whether you get your friends and family to sign up.

Whether you get your cousins or your uncles don’t get them to sign up and get them to buy you know crap coins guys of course you don’t want that.

But you know if you can promote this in a genuine way like I have you definitely earn quite a decent amount.

Because the problem with other platforms is that other platforms what they’ll do is they’ll say okay you get someone to sign up on the platform we’ll give you 20 of what they make.

And if that person doesn’t make any money then you earn zero but if you guys sign up and you don’t even buy anything I instantly get like ten dollars from my affiliate link.

So if I get like 100 sign-ups it’s like you know it’s insane. If I get like 10 signups a day that’s 100 a day and it’s very lucrative.

It’s definitely very lucrative guys especially maybe you have a motivational brand maybe you have a Twitter brand maybe you have a group chat and you know and just saying you know sign up to Coinbase they’re definitely a very good way for you to earn that income.


the next way:

This one isn’t as simple but it works but you do need a lot more experience guys is Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase has two main platforms they’ve got normal Coinbase where you can just buy coins and what is this trade it just means that you can just buy it and sell it. You can’t really do any shorting on Coinbase.

And then of course we have Coinbase Pro now Coinbase Pro essentially what is a very good trading cryptocurrency platform.

And the reason why this is good is because it actually allows you to see exactly what’s going on with the market and allows you to see the volume.

You know the buy-in sells it allows you to see the trade and the reason this is good is because this actually allows you to trade accurately as well it’s got really accurate prices.

So this is what a lot of people do use when they are trading and of course, it does have very low fees for high volume trading as well much better than other sites.

Coinbase pro essentially it’s like if you have a Binance finance futures or any of those other websites that is exactly what this is.

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So I would say realize that there are many different ways Coinbase effect when new coins are on Coinbase they definitely increase in value a ton.

You can get in there and you can just buy Bitcoin around now and just wait a year because of course we’re in a bear market.

You could also do the affiliate way you know for example you could give out your affiliate link to a bunch of your friends.

And this way you do have leverage but it’s much more accurate okay because you’re able to buy instantly and you’re able to buy quickly and swiftly.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment down below especially if there was a method that I didn’t realize as well so with that being said I’ll see you guys in the next article. Follow us on Facebook. Thanks

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