I don’t understand what is happening to the men in the Dominican Republic who put the women here. There we are, Alcántara with one eye swollen from tobacco Amelia Alcántara is in the prosecutor’s office because we will put him in for water, not my people.

Alcántara kills me so that he does not stay like this, putting up with his loss to the men, that’s why I start and drag at the beginning when that stage arrived.

Of course, when I started a relationship, don’t look when they start a relationship. I collect a video filmed there, if you see it, say yes, they have to kill him because it hit him very hard.



Gentlemen, I’m not going to present it to you because of the Google norm. Unfortunately, he has to control his ego, he has to control that so that he doesn’t support more.

So they know how the women’s law is that for any little thing, they are 3 and 4 and 5 and 20 years in prison.

It’s not like that Don’t worry, hold on for a little bit if I have to solve that. Then Santiago Matías also left a post on his Instagram account where he says that husband and wife don’t get involved.

It’s okay for Santiago Matías to do that because if he gets involved in the end, he’s the one who loses out.

Because right now the two of them get together again and the spotlights remain like a crazy old man.

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The warm clothes are over What we have most is a camera what we have internet what we have is a screen microphone installation for parking everyone who happens to be speaking an opinion there.

And tell me Alcántara has to kill the prisoners Of course he has to kill him for that reason with that swollen eye that he has there I am not saying that I think that the tiger should be imprisoned now.

Since Garcia says he came out in defence of Amalia Alcántara and look what does he say in this video?

That’s how he talks, gentlemen, sometimes when García says, he likes to look for sound with everything, but here in this video, he went too far.

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She spoke like a true woman, as all the pods that I criticize of a woman send very negative messages to Dominican women and on top of that she thinks she knows more gross here she has [ __ ] me a couple of times in her language.

My daughter, I have never responded to her for not lowering myself but I am going to tell you one thing, Amelia, if I find myself at that moment, that this abuse.

Listen to me, we women have to set an example, all the women who were there had to grab, among all of us, we are high from these abusers, leave that thing behind, I know that you have for free my daughter but not me. Follow us on Facebook.

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