Yes King Video Twitter – The Origin of Yes King Viral Video. The famous meme originated from a video uploaded to Twitter, featuring the 3xplicit interaction between ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv.

With its ironic catchphrase and unexpected journey across various social media platforms, this meme has captured the attention of millions. Stay with us because we are going to explain the “Yes King” video.

Yes King Video Twitter – The Origin of Yes King Viral Video:

In the fast-paced world of internet memes, few have gained as much attention and widespread recognition as the “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme.


This video featured two popular male OF models, ThickMuthaFukah (@Thickmuthafukah) and LoveAndLightTv (@LoveAndLightTv), engaging in a 3xplicit act.

The Yes King Original Video Twitter:

On March 30th, 2023, Twitter user @LoveAndLightTv shared a video clip from his recently released OnlyFans video. The viral memes of the ‘Yes King Original Video Twitter’ begins with an upload on the Twitter platform.

Who are ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv?

ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv are both well-known male models on the OF’s platform. Their presence and popularity contributed to the meme’s initial traction.

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Video famous dialogue “Is That **ck Good?

Within the uploaded video, an unforgettable interaction took place between ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv.

LoveAndLightTv, who was penetrating ThickMuthaFukah, asked the provocative question,

“Is that **ck good?”

ThickMuthaFukah, in response, humorously and confidently proclaimed,

“Yes King.”

This small communication becomes the trend with the “Yes King” meme and now everybody is searching for it on Twitter.

The ‘Yes King Original Video’ meme was first shared on TikTok, a popular short-form video platform. Users on TikTok quickly shared “Is that **ck good?” meme and the response “Yes King.”

Twitter user’s Reactions to the Yes King video:

The ‘Yes King Original Video ‘ gathered attention and got mixed reactions on the Twitter platform.

In just a month, the video received over 5 M views and over 2 K likes. The provocative nature of the content, combined with the humorous response, laid the groundwork for the meme’s subsequent spread across other platforms. Follow us on Facebook.

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