Carlisha Hood and Son video is getting viral after the fatal murder of Jeremy A. Brown death at West Pullman Restaurant Chicago. The disturbing case unfolds in court a mother accused of ordering her son to commit murder in a West Pullman restaurant.

the mom who’s accused of giving those shoot-to-kill orders is now being held on three million dollars in bail. Parts of that shooting were actually captured in the restaurants.

Carlisha Hood and Son video – Jeremy A. Brown death at West Pullman Restaurant Chicago:

The mother and son are now charged both of them. Surveillance video helped the witnesses identify the suspects to the police.


Prosecutors said that Carlishia Hood ordered her son to shoot Jeremy A. Brown at the Maxwell Street Express in West Pullman.

So this all happened Sunday night police tell us just after 11 o’clock about 11 05 p.m.

35-year-old carlesha hood and her 14-year-old son arrived at the Maxwell Street restaurant on South Halsted at 117th Hood and went in for food.

Her son waited in the car prosecutors say that’s when she began arguing with this man 32-year-old Jeremy Brown who was also inside ordering food.

At the time Hood began texting her son who appeared in the doorway with hands in his pockets, a fight became physical between Hood and the victim.

The victim was able to punch the woman once that’s when prosecutors say the boy pulled out a gun and fired a single shot at the victim’s back.

Followed him outside and kept firing striking him fatally twice in the back once out of the restaurant.

While the co-defendant was still shooting at the victim the defendant instructed her son the co-defendant to continue to shoot and kill the victim.

Once the co-defendant finished shooting the victim the defendant turned her focus towards witness one she began pointing at the witness.

And instructing her son to shoot her prosecutors say the hood even tried to get the gun from her son but he pushed her away.

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Carlisha Hood and Son video:

No shots were fired at that witness who was also the victim’s girlfriend both mother and son facing murder charges.

She’s also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor the teen boy also facing unlawful use and possession of a firearm.

Both were told did surrender themselves to police yesterday and were also told that hood the woman charged in this the mom charged in this also had a FOID card herself and was licensed to conceal carry.

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